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How Mia Khalifa’s Boyfriend ‘Jhay Cortez’ Amassed a Fortune of $1.5 Million?

Jhay Cortez a.k.a. Jhayco is a Puerto Rican singer and rapper from Rio Piedras, San Juan. After putting out several EPs, he released his first studio album, Famouz, in 2019.

Early Years

Jhay Cortez Net Worth

Jesús Manuel Nieves Cortez was born in Puerto Rico, in the city of Ro Piedras. He moved to Camden, New Jersey, sometime after that. So, Cortez learned to speak two languages as a child.

At 15, he started writing songs, which got the attention of producer Eddie Dee. He was also known to producers Lele “El Arma Secreta” and Eliel, with whom he started writing songs and who put him in touch with Eddie Dee.

He wrote, “Como Curar” and “Detective De Tu Amor” for the duo Zion & Lennox. He also produced “Soltera” under the name Jay “El Superdotado.” All three songs are on the album Los Verdaderos.

Later, he wrote five singles for Tito El Bambino, including “Llama al sol,” which appeared on his 2011 album Invincible and won a Latin Grammy for the best tropical album.

What is Jhay Cortez’s Net Worth?

Jhay Cortez Net Worth

As of December 2022, Jhay Cortez Has an Estimated Net Worth of $1.5 Million (Source: Exact Net Worth). He has made a lot of money from music thanks to how well it has done for him. As his fame grows, the amount will almost certainly go up in the next few years.

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Jhay Cortez Net Worth

Jhay has written songs for well-known artists like Yandel, Ozuna, Natti Natasha, and Daddy Yankee. Jhay is an expert at writing songs that tell stories of love and heartbreak. He has also written great songs for well-known singers like Jory Boy, Nicky Jam, Zion, and Lennox.

After writing songs for a number of well-known singers, he began to sing himself. In 2017, he only put out a few of his own songs. But the song Estan Pa Mi, which he sang with J Balvin in 2018, was his most famous work as a singer. The single did well, and people liked it. Over 29 million people have watched it on YouTube.

Jhay kept building on his success by putting out more singles with titles like “Somos Iguales,” “Se Supone,” and “Deseos.”

Eyez on me, Jhay’s first album came out on May 18, 2018. The album has 9 singles, all of which have more than one artist. His first album did very well and has been played more than 40 million times on Spotify.

Jhay’s second album, “Famouz,” came out on May 24, 2019, a year after his first one. One of his singles, “No Me Conoce,” made a big splash in the music business. It did really well.

Later, Jhay teamed up with Bad Bunny and J Balvin to release a remix of the song. It got a great response from people who like music. Even the US Billboard Hot 100 charted the song. As of February 2021, 1.3 billion people had watched the hit song on YouTube.

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Personal Life

Jhay Cortez Net Worth
Jhay Cortez and Mia Khalifa.

In 2021, Cortez started dating Mia Khalifa, a Lebanese-American media personality who used to act in pornographic movies. On May 12, 2020, Cortez put out a song called “24 horas.” It was a diss track for rapper Bryant Myers, with whom he had gotten into a heated argument on Twitter.

The song was meant to be offensive, and Cortez challenged Myers to answer in less than 24 hours. After three days, Myers answered with “El Que No Escribe” as the subject. In a direct video from Instagram, he said that he didn’t post it in less than 24 hours because no one tells him what to do.

This would be the first strip that Myers put out since he hadn’t done anything in the past when other artists asked him to. Shortly after that, Cortez released another diss track against him called “Game Over.” Myers did not want to respond to it because he did not think it was good enough.

In an interview sometime later, Cortez said that the two had been rude and that he could make up with them when they were older and had grown up. A year later, he put out a song called “Enterrauw” which was a diss track against another artist named Rauw Alejandro.

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