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Is Hunter Doohan Gay? Is He Married or Dating Someone?

On Wednesday, Hunter Doohan plays Tyler, a barista at a local coffee shop who seems like a normal guy. When Tyler meets the show’s main character, Wednesday Addams, his life changes.

Tyler’s love for Addams seems misplaced since she rarely shows emotion. Her trademark “deadpan” face can be quite scary at times.

But Tyler keeps pushing, and Addams’ walls come down as he shows him, love. Tyler is drawn to Addams’ darkness, while most people are scared away by it. The barista gets his girl in the end, which leads to a surprise.

Hunter’s love life in the show is not at all like his real-life love life. Hunter Doohan, for example, is gay when he is not acting.

Is It True That Hunter Doohan is Gay?

Hunter Doohan, who plays Tyler Galpin on the Netflix show Wednesday, says he is gay. As a gay actor, he’s very open about how he feels about himself. We don’t know when he first showed up, but we do know that he’s fine with being gay.

Hunter and his husband, Fielder Jewett, are also very happy with their relationship. On the last day of the year 2020, they got married.

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The happy couple also posted beautiful pictures of their wedding, which was officiated by Hunter’s co-star on the show Your Honor, Bryan Cranston. There isn’t much known about the wedding itself.


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Hunter Doohan is Married to Fielder Jewett

Hunter Doohan is now married to Fielder Jewett. They got married in a small ceremony in June 2022. “It was the most amazing day of our lives!” Doohan put something on Instagram. “Thank you to everyone who made it so special.”

On New Year’s Eve 2020, Jewett, who was studying law, proposed to Hunter in their home. Coronavirus restrictions probably kept a proposal from happening outside. “Is there anything more 2020 than a proposal that can be made at home?” Hunter put something on Instagram. “I love you @fielderjewett! I can’t wait to marry you!”


Fans are happy to hear that Doohan is married, even those who loved Hunter. @Jared VanL tweeted, “I’m very happy that Hunter Doohan, who plays Tyler on Netflix’s Wednesday, is gay and married.”

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