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10 FileCR Alternatives for Windows, Mac, and Android Software

FileCR is software that facilitates access to other files for the most recent versions. The software provides a user-friendly interface that facilitates structured file searches. You should remember, however, that FileCR does not host files or any other content, but rather provides an index of already published items on the Internet, similar to other search engines. The majority of FileCR alternatives operate similarly. Read further:

FileCR is one of the greatest websites of its sort, but it is occasionally unreliable for many reasons. Other websites, such as FileCR, assist users in searching for and organising their files. In addition, the programme is maintained by a helpful team and moderators who are constantly working to enhance it. Because of its user-friendly UI, FileCR stands out among its competitors. Read further:

10 FileCR Alternatives

FileCR alternatives must be investigated in order to distinguish legitimate ones from those that may endanger your devices and data. According to Alternativeto Net, the following websites are the best:


It is one of the greatest alternatives to FileCR. The online portal permits users to track and view the most recent software and other technological applications. There is a news section for the extensive assortment of software, apps, operating systems, and associated items. It has also introduced additional categories of premium and free applications and software to its collection. CNET contains, among other things, a variety of security fixes for portable programmes and product registries. It contains one of the largest collections of freely downloadable programming tools. There are trials and demos available for the majority of premium applications.


2. PC Wonderland

WHDownloader Alternatives and Similar Software | AlternativeTo

PC Wonderland is a database website that provides users with access to software, utilities, and operating systems. It also offers Office tools, graphic design, system tuning, multimedia, and 2D CAD software in more categories. Once you have access to this site, you will no longer need to visit other official sites. The website’s database is frequently updated with the most recent software releases. It enables users to search for the desired programme using a search bar. Paid tools are available for free download, so all a user must do is instal them.

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3. Freeware Files

The internet platform allows users to download freeware software, screensavers, and other web applications. The stuff on this page is either free or freeware. Therefore, users have free access to all components and elements of desired apps. Freeware Files enables people to download things without cost. However, the components and capacities are constrained because to the limited representation. Users have access to free trial and demo versions of registered and premium products.

4. Softpedia

FileCR Alternatives: 25+ Software Download Services and similar websites | AlternativeTo

It is a free online platform that permits users to search and download software from its database. The benefit of Softpedia is that its software is free of viruses and malware. The site lists more than 680 articles for download each day. The platform is accessible for Linux operating systems, which are typically tough to instal on many product-delivering platforms. It has built numerous drivers for a variety of operational frameworks.

5. Filehorse

FileCR alternatives

The software offers a novel method for discovering and downloading software and other web applications. Through it, users can locate the most latest versions of high-quality software for several operating systems. It is one of the greatest alternatives to FileCR due to its extensive collection of high-quality programmes and software. It is updated frequently with new features and allows users to download archives of previous versions. Filehorse offers a variety of categories, including browsers and plugins, anti-spyware, mp3, and music.

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6. QPDownload

This website enables users to obtain the most recent versions of Windows software and other mobile applications. In addition to being free, QPDownload is favoured by consumers due to its intuitive interface. A specialised expert team is responsible for testing all content to assure its safety. With the use of a search bar, your favourite software and programmes are instantly accessible from the home screen. The website offers numerous noticeable and intuitive features. It is often updated with new applications and software. There is also a blog service that provides reviews.

7. Softonic

The Softonic website provides users with product and project-related news and reviews. There is plenty free software available for download. It also permits the distribution of its material and does not discriminate against premium versions or fully-enrolled programmes.

It gives trial and demo facilities for its products, which is one of its most appealing characteristics. Softonic does not enable consumers to obtain a complete installation of a product, but it does allow them to learn about their product via the product downloader and installer.

8. BrotherSoft

BrotherSoft is a web index of freeware and shareware applications that are easily downloadable. The platform has over 200,000 free software applications. All of these resources are freely downloadable and distributable by users. It has established itself as one of the top five websites offering driving software on the internet. BrotherSoft is a collection of numerous shareware and freeware products available for download. The available items are organised into categories such as mobile phones, Microsoft Windows, and Apple Mac.

9. Software Informer

FileCR alternatives

With over five million users and over 2.6 million programme listings, Applications Informer is among the most popular software. In addition, it is a rapidly expanding community noted for its contributions to Answers. There are programmes for all operating systems and a forum where software and other technological topics are discussed.

A global business offers the software and conducts an audit of the mentioned apps. The website allows users to download the top programmes. Its features enable customers to evaluate programmes and select those that meet their needs.

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10. Freeware Genius

The site focuses on reviews, recommendations, guidelines, and the availability of diverse software, applications, and services. It is compatible with all prevalent operating systems, including Mac and Linux. It was founded with the purpose of offering access to software and programmes that may be out of reach for most consumers. Freeware Genius is a commercial platform solution, however pro features can be accessed for free. All of these applications will function after installation, as they have all been tested to guarantee that their functions are functional.


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