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The Best Holiday-Themed Video Games for This Christmas

Holiday bells are about to hit our ears very soon, so it is good to prepare your activity list to make this year a lifetime of fun for you and your family. It is the part of the year when you can get extra for almost everything including amazing internet offers from CenturyLink. However, if you are a hard-core gamer and want to spend your holidays playing holiday-themed video games, the sky is the limit.

Plenty of good options are available in the market that will provide you with the ultimate experience of watching holiday-themed movies or TV shows. These are the best sources for experiencing the true spirit of Christmas by playing holiday-themed video games. So before Santa lands in your house through your chimney and leaves your desired gifts under the Christmas tree, enjoy your holiday with these games.

For your convenience, we have added a combination of old favorites and the latest releases of these video games that will not let you get bored while waiting for Santa. So without any further due, let’s dive right into the topic!

Five Best Picks For Holiday-Themed Video Games

Before heading straight to the list, we would like to recommend you check out the strength of your internet connection. The overall experience of online games relies on the speed, the strength of signals, coverage of Wi-Fi across your home, and data limit. Our reliance on internet service gets skyrocketed during winter because we have to spend more time inside our homes.

Similarly, we need additional data and internet speed because we have to binge-watch our favorite TV shows, seasons, movies, and sequels as well as to make intense online shopping during incredible sale hours. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly evaluate your existing internet services and plans so you can timely move to other best options such as CenturyLink Internet Deals.

Hope you keep this bonus tip in your mind while deciding on some amazing online entertainment plans for your family and friends. Now let’s check out what video games we have brought for you in this blog to make this Christmas special for you and your loved ones.

Cthulhu Saves Christmas

The first video game on our list is Cthulhu Saves Christmas, a sequel of Cthulhu Saves the World an old-school game that is one of the best holiday-themed roleplaying games. Being an adventurous, short and enjoyable game, it can make you and your family feel nostalgic. This video game will swing you back and forth between old video games and your childhood Christmas mornings.

The Cthulhu Saves Christmas is easily accessible and is available everywhere in the United States of America at a very reasonable price. The good news is that you are going to get this video game on PlayStation 5 soon. Sounds great? Of course! Keep scrolling because a lot of great options are about to be unleashed in this blog that you never wish to miss out on.

Super Mario Odyssey’s Snow Kingdom

The second pick on our list is Super Mario Odyssey’s Snow Kingdom. It is the latest version of the legendary video game Super Mario. The game is loaded with diverse places to explore such as hot deserts and sunny beaches. However, its Snow Kingdom locales in adorned with Christmas flair which means the ultimate pick for Christmas.

From enjoying the sleigh bells coming from any distant spot to encountering some villains disguised as Santa wearing his hats, this game is a delightful treat for the holidays. So get this game from your nearest store and enjoy a new Christmas and snowy version of Super Mario.

Fortnite: Operation Snowdown

The third video game option we have brought for you is Fortnite: Operation Snowdown. The game is known for a broad range of wintery challenges that we are playing since Jan. 5, 2021. Here you will get new challenges every day including unlocking gear and free items such as Snowmando skin – a snowman and commando.

Recently the game has covered areas on the map using Christmas decorations like nutcrackers, gifts, and trees strewn throughout the locations. Thus you can have a festive feeling while playing this game and can enjoy Christmas with its true colors even while playing video games.

Overwatch: Winter Wonderland

The fourth pick on our list is Overwatch: Winter Wonderland. The game has shown tremendous success for its previous version Overwatch’s now-traditional Winter Wonderland.

This time game has brought something more known as Freezethaw Elimination. It is a 4v4 match where the contestant needs to freeze the opposition party to win the game from the opposing team. Sounds amazing? Trust us, it is thrillingly amazing. So don’t forget to check out this game if you want to get snowy freeze fun without going out in the real snow.

Destiny 2: The Dawning

The fifth video game on holiday theme we have chosen for you is Destiny 2: The Dawning. This time, your task is to collect Dawning Spirit if you want to complete your Dawning mission successfully. You need to do this by recipes and counties that will take you to the rewards along with your playmates.

If you want to be part of this multiplayer shooter Bungie hit featuring the wintery look for the main social hub of the game, get your hands on it as soon as possible. Let’s enjoy this beautiful time of the year with your friends with this multiplayer event that lasts until 5 Jan.

In a Nutshell

Hopefully, all the video games we have mentioned above will make your Holidays mesmerizing like never before by providing you with an exciting gaming experience. However, it is not a good option to rely on video games solely because it may lead you to the time when you start losing interest in them. Instead, you can list a couple of the greatest hits to watch during these holidays.

But for that, you need to have a perfect combination of cable TV and internet service. Sounds confusing? Worry not because CenturyLink Internet Plans are a perfect catch for you, where you can easily find the best solution in your town.

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