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Celebrate the New Year with These 6 Fun and Family-Oriented Ideas

The holiday season is winding down as we approach New Year’s Eve. Here are some exciting ways to welcome 2022 together at home with your loved ones.

Here are five ways your family may celebrate the New Year together, whether you want to stay up late or go to bed early:

  1. If your children go to bed early, you may still have a fun Noon Year’s Eve party and watch the clock tick down to the last noon of the year. Make a lot of noise, drink sparkling grape juice, and watch a prerecorded countdown on Netflix.

    After all, there is no need to be quiet because no one will be awakened. If you want to keep the good vibes going, plan a special meal to reflect on the year that was and to make plans for the upcoming one that will make you feel great.
  1. Laughs must come to an end. I’m not advocating you print out additional holiday-themed material, by the way. Get some plastic wrap from the kitchen this time. A plastic wrap ball filled with small rewards such as sweets, Hot Wheels, gift cards, small figures or dolls, etc.

    If you have older children or a particularly astute partner who would like to play, Little Cooks Reading Books has some suggestions for making the game more difficult. While their “opponent” rolls two dice for doubles, players take turns unwrapping. Keep going around the circle until the ball is entirely unraveled. The items discovered by each participant are theirs to keep.
  1. Make it a countdown celebration! As the clock ticks down to the final tuck-in of 2022, fill bags, pop balloons, or use any other method that strikes your fancy (there are plenty of options on Pinterest). Plan a different fun activity for the family to do together every hour.

    Do something that everyone in the family likes to do together, whether it’s playing a game, making a project, eating a snack, going on a scavenger hunt, or reading a book. You get to decide when the party ends, which is the best part!
  1. Praying to God with your family on New Year’s Eve is a meaningful and uplifting way to celebrate the start of the new year. Taking time to come together in prayer allows you to express your gratitude, seek guidance, and ask for blessings for the year ahead.
    Whether you choose to pray together in person or virtually, this is a great opportunity to strengthen your family bond and start the new year off on a positive and spiritual note.
  1. Make a virtual connection. Zoom can be used to host a virtual game night or dinner party. Make granny the bingo caller or FaceTime Uncle Lou for a round of Yahtzee. Come up with some original ways to send 2022 off in style.
  1. Celebrate with a sleepover for the kids! Prepare the living room for a sleepover by putting out sleeping bags, blankets, and pillows. Then, after dinner, watch a movie, talk about the last year, play games, and make some festive treats.

All of us here at MetroFamily hope you have a wonderful New Year’s celebration, whichever you may choose to ring it in. In 2023, we hope to have even more family-friendly activities to share with you.

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