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Will There Be a Second Season of Lockwood & Co?

When Netflix announced that Ruby Stokes from Bridgerton would be in Lockwood & Co, fans of supernatural teen shows like Riverdale went crazy. The show is about a girl with psychic powers who joins a ghost-hunting agency run by two teenage boys.

They are trying to get rid of the dangerous ghosts that are haunting London. If you’re already thinking about a possible second season of Lockwood & Co, here’s everything you need to know, like when it’s likely to come out, who will be in it, what the story will be about, and more.

Will There Be a Second Season of Lockwood & Co?

As of this writing, there is no news about Lockwood & Co. season 2. Whether or not there is a second season will depend on whether or not Netflix wants to keep the show going.

Lockwood and Co Season 2

We live in a time when Netflix shows are being canceled left and right so no one can feel safe about their favorite show. If Lockwood & Co. becomes as popular as the show Wednesday, there may be hope. But only time and how many people watch will tell.

When Can We Expect Lockwood & Co Season 2 to Come Out?

As was already said, the show hasn’t been confirmed yet, but the first series… The show will start filming in July 2021, and it will be available on the streaming service 18 months later, in January 2023. So, if the second season was confirmed soon after the first one aired, it might come out in the middle of 2024. Hoping for the best!

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What is the Plot of Lockwood & Co?

Lockwood and Co Season 2

The story takes place in London and follows the journey of some of the best ghost hunters who are teenagers. They get into dangerous fights with dangerous ghosts. Lockwood & Co. is the only new business that only has adults working for it. A small company run by two teenage boys and a psychically gifted newcomer girl makes up a rebellious group that will solve a mystery that will change the course of history.

Who Will Appear in the Cast of Lockwood & Co Season 2?

As far as we know, all of the actors from season 1 of Lockwood & Co. are ready to play their roles again in season 2. That means Ruby Stokes, Cameron Chapman, and Ali Hadji-Heshmati will all be back soon to hunt ghosts.

The person who played Pamela Joplin, Louise Brealey, won’t be back, though. After seeing the ghosts and ghouls inside, Pamela was finally overtaken by the spirit glass mirror.

  • Ruby Stokes as Lucy Carlyle
  • Cameron Chapman as Anthony Lockwood
  • Ali Hadji-Heshmati as George Karim
  • Michael Clarke as Skull
  • Ivanno Jeremiah as Inspector Barnes
  • Luke Treadaway as The Golden Blade
  • Morven Christie as Penelope Fittes
  • Jack Bandeira as Quill Kipps
  • Ben Crompton as Julius Winkman
  • Hayley Konadu as Flo Bone

Is There a Trailer for Lockwood & Co Season 2?

There is no trailer for season 2 of Lockwood & Co. A first look or teaser is expected to be out in the next few months. Until then, you can check the trailer for Season 1 below:

Where Can I Watch Lockwood and Co?

Lockwood and Co only have eight episodes, and you can watch all of them on Netflix.

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