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Does Judith Die in The Walking Dead? What Happened to Her in the Finale?

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from shows like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, it’s that main characters aren’t as safe as they used to be. And The Walking Dead includes old characters like Judith Grimes. She gets shot in the second-to-last episode, which came out on AMC Plus before it aired on TV on November 13. And now we have to find out whether or not Judith dies.

Does Judith Die in The Walking Dead?

No, In The Walking Dead, Judith Grimes does not die. She is still alive and well. The main character of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Judith Grimes, also known as “Jude” and played by Cailey Fleming, lived through the outbreak.

She is the daughter of Lori Grimes, who died, and Shane Walsh. Carl Grimes was her half-brother. Even though he wasn’t her real father, Rick Grimes raised her as his own and took care of her until he disappeared.

Does Judith Die in The Walking Dead

After six years, Michonne Grimes has taken Judith in as her own daughter. Judith and her adopted brother, R.J. Grimes, live with Michonne in the Alexandria Safe Zone. She also got close to Negan Smith. Michonne gives her to Daryl Dixon when she goes to look for Rick.

In The Walking Dead, Who Played Judith Grimes?

Judith Grimes has been played by many different actresses, depending on how old she is in each season. These include Adelaide and Eliza Cornwell in Season 3, Loudyn and Leighton Case in Season 3, Tinsley and Anniston Price in Season 4, Eleora and Elisea DiFranco in Season 4, Sophia and Delia Oeland in Season 4, Charlotte and Clara Ward in Season 5, Kiley and Jaelyn Behun in Season 5, Chloe and Sophia Garcia- (S9-S11).

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The last one, Cailey Fleming, is often thought to be Judith Grimes from The Walking Dead series. Cailey Presley Fleming is an actress who was born in the United States.

Does Judith Die in The Walking Dead

She is known for playing Judith Grimes on The Walking Dead, a horror-drama show on AMC from 2018 to 2022. She is also known for playing young Rey and Sylvie in Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2015 and Loki in 2021.

In The Walking Dead Comics, What Happens to Judith?

Fans of The Walking Dead who only watch the show get to see Judith grow up, which comic book fans never got to do before the show. When Judith is just over a month old in the comics, she dies in a horrible way.

Does Judith Die in The Walking Dead

When the Governor comes to the prison camp and shoots Lori in the back, she falls on top of Judith, crushing her. We already know more about Judith’s life and the kind of person she could have become if she hadn’t died in the comics. So a sad death in the last episode of the series doesn’t seem likely.


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