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Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 6 Release Date: Spoilers, Recap & More Updates

Season 2 of the Vinland Saga picks up where Season 1 left off. We’ll get the Slave Arc as Thorfinn transitions from seeking vengeance to being enslaved and losing his only goal in life.

However, he meets Einar, who assists him in finding new meaning and rekindling his fire. In other news, King Canute will concentrate on conquering new territories in order to bring his people the promised land

If you’ve been watching this anime, you might be wondering when the next episode will be released. So, no more wondering! Here’s everything you need to know about Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 5, including the release date, time, and where to watch it.

When Will Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 6 Come Out?

The sixth episode of Vinland Saga Season 2 will come out on Monday, February 13 at about 3.30 pm (GMT), 7.30 am (PT), and 9.30 am (ET) (CT). Obviously, it depends on how fast the platform uploads new episodes. You can still expect this to happen pretty close to when the game comes out.

Vinland Saga didn’t come out with a dub, so you’ll have to watch it in the original Japanese with subtitles (which, let’s be honest, is the only way to watch it!) The sixth episode, “I Want a Horse,” will run for 25 minutes.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 5: Recap

Canute takes a group of soldiers through Mercia. Through flashbacks, we learn that ever since King Sweyn’s death, England and Denmark have been at war. Ethelred II leads the Danish army against Canute. Canute sees troops stealing from people.

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He orders Gunnar to have them beheaded since this is a practice he has already outlawed. Floki is glad that Canute traveled to see him in person. Canute admits that he also came to deal with Thorkill, who is still angry about being forced to stop fighting when Mercia requested a ceasefire.

Eadric asks what this means, and Canute tells him that he could turn Mercia into ashes very quickly. Then, in exchange for peace, he wants Ethelred’s head. In April 1016, the next year, Ethelred II is said to have died of an illness. Edmund, Ethelred’s son, also seems to have died of an illness in November of the same year. Canute becomes King of England in the year 1018.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 6: Spoilers

While I was wrong about Thorfinn and Canute last week, I was correct in assuming Thorkill was not far behind. While seeing the giant warrior is always entertaining, he does not appear to be thrilled with Canute, which could come back to haunt one of them later.

However, because I doubt Thorkill and Canute will be arguing anytime soon, let’s see if I can anticipate what will happen next week. Next week, I believe we’ll return to Thorfinn and Einar’s story.

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When we last saw them, things were tense between them, with Einar questioning whether he could still regard Thorfinn the same way after knowing of all the people he’d killed. I have hunch things will be awkward at first before Einar agrees to look past it

How Many Episodes Does Season 2 of Vinland Saga Have?

The second season of Vinland Saga will have 24 episodes, just like the first season. So, after this week’s chapter, there will be 18 more episodes.

Where Can I Watch Vinland Saga Season 2?

Tokyo MX, BS11, and GBS will all show Vinland Saga. You can also watch it on Netflix or Crunchyroll.


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