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Poker Face Episode 7 Release Date: How Many Episodes Are There in the Show?

Poker Face is a popular new American murder mystery crime drama show. Rian Johnson developed this show. It revolves around Charlie Cale, a casino worker with an innate capacity to detect lies who is on the run from the casino boss after a mysterious death. On January 26, 2023, the series premiered to critical acclaim.

After seeing the most recent episode of this show, fans are curious about the Poker Face Episode 7 Release Date. Fans have been looking for the most recent Poker Face Episode 7 Release Date since the most recent episodes of this series’ ongoing season have been pretty exciting and full of mystery.

You will find everything about the latest Poker Face Episode 7 Release Date, the number of episodes in the current season of this series, its online streaming platforms, primary casts, spoilers, and other information about it here. Let’s get started with this guide right away.

When Will Poker Face Episode 7 Come Out?

Poker Face Episode 7 Release Date

The seventh episode of Poker Face is set to come out on February 16, 2023. The official schedule says that new episodes of the show come out every Thursday. Mark the dates on your calendar to make sure you never miss an episode.

Who is in the Cast of Poker Face?

  • Damian is played by Brandon Micheal Hall.
  • Dana is played by Chelsea Frei.
  • Taffy Boyle is played by Lil Rel Howery.
  • Mandy Boyle is played by Danielle Macdonald.
  • Austin / Hanky T. Pickins is played by Shane Paul McGhie.
  • Sterling Frost Jr. is played by Adrien Brody.
  • Natalie is played by Dascha Polanco.
  • Sheriff Parker is played by Noah Segan.
  • Marge is played by Hong Chau.
  • Sara is played by Megan Suri.
  • Jed is played by Colton Ryan.
  • Abe is played by John Ratzenberger.
  • George Boyle is played by Larry Brown.

What is the Plot of Poker Face?

The plot of Poker Face revolves around Charlie Cale, who travels around in her Plymouth Barracuda solving murders and meeting a variety of colorful characters along the way.

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What distinguishes her from those who cross her way is her uncanny ability to detect deception. She is a human lie detector of sorts, and her unusual gift appears to get her into a bit of hilarious difficulty as she travels the road solving crimes by mistake.

Poker Face Episode 7 Release Date

To say the least, her unusual ability to read people, combined with the way her brain works, leads her to solve puzzles wherever she goes. According to the trailer, Charlie does not seek out the killings that occur in her area; rather, they appear to fall into her lap.

How Many Episodes Will There Be in Poker Face?

There will be ten episodes in the first season of this show. It means that the last episode will air on March 9, 2023.

Where Can I Watch Episode 7 of Poker Face?

It was made by Peacock by itself. To watch the show, you must have a current subscription to this platform. Keep in mind that whether or not you can watch this series on this streaming service depends on where you live. Check to see if you can get it where you live.

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