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Is Nathan Chen a Gay? The Scandal That Exposed His True Identity!


Nathan Chen is a figure skater who is known all over the world and has won many awards for his great performances on the ice. In spite of his success, though, there have been rumours online about his sexuality, specifically about whether or not he is gay.

Many people have started to wonder about his personal life because of these rumours, and both fans and the media have talked about it. In this article, we’ll find out if these rumours are true and look at the evidence about Nathan Chen’s sexuality.

Who is Nathan Chen?

Nathan Chen is a figure skater who is known all over the world and has won a lot of medals and awards during his career. Chen was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, on May 5, 1999. He began skating when he was only three years old. He moved up the ranks quickly and became one of the best figure skaters in the world.

Rumors about Nathan Chen’s sexuality!

Even though Nathan Chen has done a lot of great things, some people have made assumptions about his sexuality. After he posted a photo on Instagram with a rainbow background during Pride Month, the rumours started to spread. Some people thought this was Chen’s way of saying he was gay.

Is Nathan Chen a Gay?

Some people have also said that Chen doesn’t have a girlfriend or any other known romantic relationships with women. Some people have seen this as more proof that Chen might be gay.

Is There Any Evidence of Nathan Chen Being Gay?

Even though there isn’t any hard proof that Nathan Chen is gay, there are some things that have led to these rumours.

For example, Nathan is known to have close friendships with male figure skaters, which some people have taken as proof that he is gay.

But it’s important to keep in mind that close friendships with people of the same gender don’t always mean that someone is gay.

What is Nathan’s Point of View About It?

Even though there have been rumours and guesses, Nathan Chen has never talked about his sexuality in public. He is free to keep this information to himself if he wants to.

It’s important to remember that being gay is not something that should be shamed or seen as a bad thing. Nathan Chen is a very talented and accomplished athlete, no matter what his sexual orientation is.

Is Nathan Chen a Gay Man?

Nathan Chen is an American figure skater who has said he is straight in public. In an interview for a podcast, he talked about being a straight male athlete in a sport that is dominated by gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender, and queer people. He later said sorry for his tweets and said he was sorry for any harm they might have caused.

Is Nathan Chen Dating Anyone?

He was said to be dating the Japanese figure skater Mai Mihara in 2017. They used to post a lot of pictures of themselves on social media. But they never said out loud that they were dating.

Is Nathan Chen a Gay?

Nathan was rumoured to be dating Mia again, even though his relationship with Mia was still in limbo. He was linked to figuring skater Amber Glenn this time.

Again, Nathan never officially said anything. But according to the source, the two broke up a few months after rumours that they were dating started to spread. This proves that Nathan Chen is not gay.


In conclusion, despite the rumours that have been going around online, there is no solid proof that Nathan Chen is gay.

Even though it’s understandable that people would be interested in Nathan’s sexual orientation, it’s up to him to tell the world if he wants to.

No matter how he identifies, Nathan Chen is a great athlete who has done well in his career, and that is what really matters.

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