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Is Ari Shapiro Gay? Bringing NPR Reporter’s Sexuality Into the Light!


Radio broadcaster Ari Shapiro was born in the United States on September 30, 1978. Shapiro joined a team of four alternating anchors on All Things Considered, the premier drive-time show on National Public Radio, in September 2015.

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Prior to this, he worked for NPR as a White House correspondent and a global correspondent headquartered in London.

Early Life and Education

is ari shapiro gay

The son of Elayne, a professor of communications at a university, and Leonard Shapiro, a database researcher and university instructor, Ari Shapiro was born in Fargo, North Dakota. Shapiro is a Jew. He relocated to Beaverton, Oregon, with his family when he was eight years old.

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He was a Beaverton High School student. He received a Bachelor of Arts in English with honors from Yale University in 2000. He was a member of the Scroll and Key secret society at Yale and sang in the Mixed Company of Yale.

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Is Ari Shapiro Gay?

is ari shapiro gay

Yes, Ari Shapiro is openly Gay.

As one of the few Jews growing up in Fargo, North Dakota, where his parents were academics, he said in his new memoir, “The Best Strangers in the World,” that he sometimes felt like an alien.

Shapiro remembered, “My older brother and I would walk from classroom to classroom, brandishing a menorah and a dreidel, and talk to these children descended from Scandinavian immigrants about what Hanukkah is and what Judaism is.

He eventually realized that he was gay after his family relocated to Portland, Oregon, when he was eight years old. He also felt relatively at ease with this conclusion right away. The sooner I get this over with, the sooner it’ll be a non-issue, Shapiro recalled thinking with great clarity.

“I, therefore, notified my parents, who received the news graciously. They claimed to still adore me. We went through the procedure together, however, it was a process.”

Who Is the Husband of Ari Shapiro?

is ari shapiro gay

Mike Gottlieb, who was Shapiro’s undergraduate sweetheart, is his husband. But he admitted that when they first made the decision to get married, he believed he had to get NPR’s approval.

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Although 2004 was not that long ago, he claimed that it felt like a lifetime in politics, same-sex marriage, and LGBT rights.

What, in your opinion, has changed as a result of being married to another guy and being able to publicly identify him as my husband?

He retorted, “I think the country kind of caught up to where we were. “But I also just started to feel more at ease with myself. This book is partly about me realizing that the characteristics that make us unique also make us more intriguing, useful, and rich and that these are things we should cherish rather than try to hide.”

Shapiro now spends his holidays performing with the Portland band Pink Martini. Even though he had performed throughout high school and college, Shapiro had abandoned music. He then wrote a tale about the band. A few years later, in 2008, the lead singer of Pink Martini heard Shapiro singing at an event and requested him to record the song “But Now I’m Back” for the band’s album “Splendor in the Grass”:

Shapiro also points out that despite performing in front of large crowds all around the world, “When you say, ‘Oh, you’re a serious writer who sings in a band,’ there is a part of me that still cringes a little bit.

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And I want to tell myself, “Ari, stop being so silly!” Be proud instead of cringing! You’re performing in front of the Hollywood Bowl! You have performed at Carnegie Hall!”

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