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Murim Login Chapter 174 Release Date, Spoilers, And Where to Read?


Murim Login Chapter 174 Release Date: It came as a complete surprise that Victorious Sword fought and beat up Jin Taekyung. We had no idea that we would see Jin Taekyung get beat up that badly. The person left before they could officially beat Taekyung, so Taekyung was the real winner of the fight.

That also helped him finish the quest, and no one thought Taekyung would win in such a way. Victorious Sword dropped everything and ran, which even he found strange because he was so close to winning. Chapter 174 of Murim Login will tell us more about it.

This is a pretty well-known Murim manhwa. It’s different from others because it takes place in both the real world and a virtual murim world. Another thing that makes it stand out is the unique mix of castles and martial arts. Action fantasy fans love this book. That being said, the art style and cute figures also play a part in the show’s success.

Murim Login Chapter 174 Release Date And Time!

Chapter 174 of Murim Login will be out on Sunday, October 29, 2023, at 12:00 AM KST.

Murim Login Chapter 174 Spoilers!

Currently, there are no spoilers available for “Murim Login Chapter 174.” Fans are eagerly awaiting any tidbits about the upcoming chapter, but details remain under wraps, leaving readers in suspense about what’s in store for the characters and the storyline.

Murim Login Chapter 173 Recap!

In the previous episode of Murim Login, Taekyung was very angry that none of his strikes hurt the Virtuous Sword. Anyway, I guess it made sense for him to be angry; that guy is also really weird. And he’s not even being arrogant, but Taekyung still can’t stand him.

After improving his stats, he keeps hitting the guy because he thinks that will make the guy more excited, but Taekyung’s new moves only made the guy more excited. It made Taekyung even more mad that the guy looked so happy.

Even when he uses all of his power, Taekyung can’t push that guy back. This makes him angry. The guy pushes Taekyung back, and Taekyung falls. The guy then says that Taekyung is very strong. He was being a good sport about it all and gave Taekyung a real praise before telling him he had to end it now.

Murim Login Chapter 174 Release Date

He uses the power of his sword, and Taekyung figures out that the strange guy might be a sword master. Although Taekyung was ready for that strange guy to attack, he chose to flee instead. Everyone is a little surprised—why did that “Virtuous Sword” run off?

The crowd is all confused, and Taekyung gets the message that he won the contest and finished the quest, even though he didn’t really win. That guy ran away for no reason, that’s why. Like Taekyung, some people get mad at that guy and run after him to stop him no matter what.

They try to catch him and hit him, but the Virtuous Sword moves too quickly. Who is that guy from Virtuous Sword? That answer was what everyone was dying to hear. At last, one of the strikes hits, and it may have actually taken the Virtuous Sword.

Murim Login Chapter 174 Raw Scans!

In addition, raw scans for “Murim Login Chapter 174” have not been released as of now. Raw scans are typically sought after by fans as they offer an early look at the chapter’s visuals and narrative. As these scans have yet to surface, readers will need to patiently await the official release to continue following the development of the story.

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Where to Read Murim Login Chapter 174?

On the Kakao Page, you can read Murim Login Chapter 174 Raws.


No spoilers are available for “Murim Login Chapter 174,” and raw scans have not been released yet. Fans will have to wait for the official release to learn more about the chapter. It’s a popular manhwa with a unique mix of martial arts and fantasy elements, making it a favorite among action fantasy enthusiasts. The next chapter will be out on October 29, 2023, at 12:00 AM KST. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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