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Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Week 2 Captain: Suresh Chakravarthy gets maximum votes in open election

When Kamal Haasan comes to Bigg Boss during weekend, the show is always exciting. Although this is the first week of the 4th season of Bigg Boss, a lot of trouble has erupted among the contestants. Kamal spoke to contestants about it yesterday.

In this case, the promo video for Sunday is out. In it, Kamal Haasan is holding a contest to select the chairman for next week. The vote for the leader is taking place by voice vote.

Suresh Chakravarthy, Rekha and Shivani are the only contestants for the captainship. Among them, Suresh Chakravarthy got the highest number of votes. After that, Kamal Haasan said that to vote for the person who deserves vote and no point in repenting later if an undeserving person wins the election. Kamal Haasan statement was political as he was referring to elections in Tamil Nadu

In a previously released promo video, Balaji Murugadoss gives heartbreak to Sanam Shetty. He urges Sanam Shetty not to exaggerate the problem. It is noteworthy that the big fight between them took place yesterday. They complained to Kamal Haasan about it yesterday, but Kamal said, ‘It’s your choice to continue or not to continue’.

It’s believed that Suresh Chakravarthy won the election and becomes captain for week 2.

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