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Bigg Boss Tamil 4: Is Sanam Shetty Trying to Play the Victim Card? Is Sanam Real or Fake?

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 completes its first successful week. Apart from the initial friction between Suresh and Anitha, the proceedings were relatively calm and peaceful throughout the week. In addition to this, Sanam Shetty and Balaji got into a brawl over their modeling career. This resulted in a heated argument which was inconclusive.
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On Saturday’s episode, host Kamal Hassan conducted the ‘hearts and heartbreaks’ task. Sanam Shetty gave a heart to Rekha and heartbreak to Balaji and Samyuktha. The reason for Balaji’s ‘heartbreak’ was the heated conversation regarding their modeling agencies. Sanam was offended when he demeaned Sanam’s pageant. However, Sanam did not react to the statement instantly but she took her time and discussed it after a while with Balaji. Balaji stood his ground and claimed that he can prove it to her after they leave the Bigg Boss house. Sanam expressed her regret over the comment and took Balaji’s comment as disrespecting her achievements.
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While discussing the incident with Kamal, Sanam expressed her point of view. However, Balaji felt Sanam was trying to play the victim card and portray Balaji negatively. Sanam denied Balaji’s understanding but the war of words continues in Sunday’s episode.

Sanam Shetty has been in the limelight ever since she entered the Bigg Boss house and even before that. Sanam’s relationship with Bigg Boss 3 contestant Tharshan was noteworthy and they eventually separated. Ever since the first day, the audience felt Sanam is yearning for camera presence as she cozied up to her fellow housemates in the pretext of welcoming them.

The audience of Bigg Boss Tamil 4 is divided over Sanam’s behavior.
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One section of the audience feels that Balaji’s attitude and statements were not in good sense while the other section feels Sanam is inflating the issue for attention. Sanam’s bonding with Rekha also faced several obstacles while she was working with the latter in the cooking team.

Is Sanam faking it and playing the victim card? Let us know in the comments below.

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