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Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Week 2 eviction nomination: Housemates targets Shivani and Sanam for this week’s elimination

The fourth season of Bigg Boss has begun and completed one week. The contestants created everything from arguing and fighting in the first week to making the show very exciting.

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The nomination did not take place as there was no elimination in the first week. The nomination took place today, Monday, as the elimination of one contestant will happen during the weekend.

At the end of last week’s path task, it was reported that only a total of 8 contestants’ names would be on the nomination list. Rekha Gabriella, Sanam Shetty, Samyukta, Ajith, Ramya, Shivani, and Suresh Chakravarthy are the eight.

But since Suresh Chakravarthy became captain yesterday, he is safe from nomination this week. So only two of the remaining seven candidates can be nominated by the contestants this week.

The new promo video for the eighth day is out now. All the contestants go to the Bigg Boss Confession room and nominate the two they don’t like.

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Most of them nominated Sanam Shetty.

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The reason for that is that many of the contestants have been saying from the beginning that her behavior is fake. Several contestants also nominated Shivani Narayanan. They have again accused her of not interacting with anyone. Shivani and Sanam Shetty are sure to be on the nomination list, so we will know tonight who else will be on that list.

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