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Bigg Boss 4 Telugu latest promo shows a huge fight between Monal and Abhijeet during 6th week nomination

Abhijeet has a huge fan base in Bigg Boss Season 4. During elimination, Abhijeet gets easily saved by his fans. Abhijeet is getting more votes as he is smart to look at, and his game plan is also smart. Moreover, Abhijeet’s PR team is also very active outside, so it seems like Abhijeet is in the top 5.

However, Abhijeet has been spending more time with the girls in the house since the beginning. He also won the games with the support of the players and was nicknamed Pulihora Raja. However, if Akhil is also a strong contender for the Pulihora Raja tagline, it is different.

In the case of Monal, Akhil-Abhijit is fighting hard. The Cold War continues between them.

Monal appears to be getting closer between both, and it seems that she likes both of them. However, bringing things to Abhi and Akhil Monal brings Akhil and tells Abhi to increase the two’s hatred. In the same context, both are provoked by behaving as they like.

Hugging both of them, kissing, and midnight romance is becoming a hot topic on National Television with crazy antics.

Akhil-Abhi was all set to clash during the nominations last week on this issue. However, it was Monal who caused the controversy who cried as they both dragged her name during nomination. After that, Akhil was a bit far away, and again Akhil was wrong to approach Abhijeet.

Nagarjuna became serious in Saturday’s episode as both Abhi and Akhil got class. When Nagarjuna asked Monal which of the two she thought was wrong, Monal said they played a soft game. However, Abhijit was stunned.

Abhijit deposed Monal on Monday’s episode on the same issue. ‘Sitting in the bedroom and say that Akhil is wrong. Do you know that both are wrong in front of Nagarjuna, sir? What you need is to balance the two between woman issues and love. If Akhil loves you so much, Why should Akhil raise your name in the nomination? Abhijeet asked Monal, “You can be one way when you like. You can be another way when you don’t have a suit.”

However, Monal broke down in tears, saying, “Think from a girl’s point of view” However, netizens support Abhijeet, saying that he asked Monal the correct question, which she needs to address soon.

  1. M.venkat sai says

    Shoel gadini eliminate cheyali next time chattanayalu yedho pedda celebrity la over atitude chupisthunnadu intlo kopadinattu padithe……?

  2. M.venkat sai says

    Naaku telisi kumar sai evari joliki vellaledhu eppativaraku atitude chupincha ledhu game Baga adathunnadu pls support cheyandi ……meeku nacchithe ne everyone ❤️?

  3. Sriyani says

    I vote for akhil

    1. Mike Butcher says

      @Sriyani Akhil is super safe and wont get eliminated… Thanks to fans!!

      1. Giri says

        Waste akhil gadu Abijit gotiki saripodu

  4. Giri says

    Kumar sai is winner

  5. Giri says

    Kumar is good player

  6. Giri says

    Akhil is waste contestent vadi ki monal vunte chalu abhijith is good contestentry

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