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Suresh Chakravarthy and Anitha Sampath dancing for ‘Chinna Machan’ song in Bigg Boss 4 Tamil goes viral on social media

Suresh Chakravarthy is currently the most talked about contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil season 4. Suresh creates so much ruckus in the house to get his game going. In particular, he started fighting with Anitha in the first four days of Bigg Boss. After that Suresh and Anitha were like cat and rat.

Kamal Haasan spoke about the issue and compromised them not to stretch it further. After that Anitha and Suresh Chakravarthy were both speechless.

In this situation, in the task given at the Bigg Boss house today, Anitha Sampath and Suresh Chakraborty are dancing together. This is shown in today’s first promo video. They are both dancing for the song “Chinna Machan” from the movie Charlie Chaplin 2.

All the other contestants are amazed to see them dance. This is the promo video:

Yesterday, Suresh Chakravarthy was talking about Anitha while talking about the task of getting an eviction free pass. Anita Sampath was angry when she saw it outside on TV. After Suresh Chakravarthy came out he said sternly ‘don’t talk about me anymore’. He said ‘I told you I will not talk anymore’ and left.

But fans are amazed to see the dance in which they were paired. They have been praising Bigg Boss’ master plan to make them both dance.

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