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MTV Roadies Revolution 24th Episode 24th October 2020: Double Elimination Vote Out Updates!

MTV Roadies Revolution is back with its 24th episode, which will feature a decisive vote out session. The major highlight of this episode will be the vote out tussle, and the nonimmune contestants quest for support from gang leaders. The surprise vote out the announcement from Rann Vijay throws the gang leaders and contestants into a tussle.

MTV Roadies Revolution 24th October Episode Written Update and Highlights

The electrifying episode on the 24th of October will feature Prince Narula in the hot seat. Prince is one of the most dependable gang leaders in the Roadies Revolution and is strategic when it matters. Prince backs his contestants, and he does it when it matters. Prince went on to sacrifice his star for Apoorva a few weeks ago.

The Underdogs vs. Favorites task threw the limelight on Arushi and her fellow teammates who snubbed the so-called ‘heroes’ of the Roadies journey. There is an argument featuring Arushi and Prince. Arushi’s emotion was tucked under her head ever since Prince saved Apoorva. Was this argument a culmination of that?

Apart from this, there is also a brief argument between gang leaders Neha and Prince. At the beginning of the episode, the roadies buckle up for a journey to Rewalsar.

MTV Roadies Revolution Vote Out Session: Who Will Be Eliminated This Week?

The next vote out session will be an electrifying and high-intensity drama. According to reports, the tussle for the fifth vote out session will be between Arushi Chawla and Srishti. Shrishti will be voted out in MTV Roadies Revolution this week. Shrishti will be the fifth elimination of the Roadies Revolution.

MTV Roadies Revolution Vote Out: Double Vote Out This Week?

According to reports, there is a possibility of a double vote out this weekend. However, Shrishti’s elimination is confirmed. If there is a double eviction, there is a possibility of Kevin and Shrishti getting voted out this week.

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