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Moonlight Ending Explained: What is the message of moonlight? Check Here For More Info!

Based on a Tarell Alvin McCraney play, In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue, Moonlight is an American coming-of-age drama film written and directed by Barry Jenkins in 2016. Starring Mahershala Ali, Janelle Monáe, Ashton Sanders, Jharrel Jerome, and Trevante Rhodes, the picture also includes André Holland, Naomie Harris, and Mahershala Ali.

Throughout the film, the protagonist’s youth, adolescence, and early adulthood are seen. His childhood experiences of physical and emotional abuse are explored, as with his struggles with sexuality and identity. A year after Moonlight began filming in Miami, the Telluride Film Festival debuted the film on September 2, 2016. On October 21, 2016, A24 distributed the film in the United States, and it received widespread acclaim and raked in over $65 million in international sales.

According to some, Moonlight is one of the greatest movies ever made. At the 89th Academy Awards, Jenkins and McCraney took home the Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Adapted Screenplay Oscars for their work on the picture. After The Hurt Locker, it was the second-lowest-grossing domestic picture to win the Oscar for Best Picture. It was the first LGBTQ film with an all-black cast. Ali became the first Muslim to win an acting Oscar, while Joi McMillon became the first black woman to be nominated for an editing Oscar.

Moonlight Cast


Mahershala Ali is the name of the actor (Juan)
Theodore Hibbert (Chiron as a child)
The Janelle Monáe (Teresa)
In the role of Naomie Harris, Chiron’s mother Paula,
The name of Jaden Piner (Kevin as a child)
Ashton Sanders is a (teenage Chiron)
Patrick Decile’s (Terrel)
A.J. Jharrel (teenage Kevin)
Trey Burton (adult Chiron)
Theodore “Andy” Holland (adult Kevin)

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Explanations for Moonlight (2016)’s Ending

It’s hard to guess what will happen to Chiron and Kevin after the film’s ending, but it does leave the audience with the impression that a tremendous burden has been lifted off of Chiron’s shoulders. Nothing Chiron does after meeting Kevin will be able to rectify the mistakes of the past, but he can finally accept himself for who he is.

Chiron had to deal with two major issues throughout his life: his sexuality and his mother. For most of Chiron’s life, Paula was absent. While physically present, the woman never made herself emotionally available to Chiron, making him dislike her for a long time. In a bizarre twist of fate, Juan, a total stranger (and clearly not a law-abiding person) was the one who saved Chiron from a much worse upbringing. Chiron has only ever known Juan and Teresa as true parents.


Kevin, where are you? A mystery to Chiron. One of his closest confidantes, a lover, or even a buddy. So, why did Kevin beat Chiron, if he actually cared about him? Pressure from his peers, as well as the concern that Terrel would bully him as well. Chiron was told to cease resisting by Kevin at the scene in order to speed up the process.

The fact that Chiron insisted on getting up after he fell shows how tired he was of it all. Chiron’s rage was the result of a cascade of emotions. When Chiron saw Terrel, he saw everything he detested: tyranny.

Kevin grew up and recognized that he could have done more to protect Chiron from the brutality he witnessed as a child. However, Kevin, like many others, was terrified of bullies, so he agreed to play along with the “game”. After all these years, he finally admitted that he had been dishonest with himself. Chiron is the same way. This is all a ruse to maintain his current public image and lifestyle.

Adult Chiron is not a cruel thug or a drug dealer; he’s only playing the character so that others can ignore him and avoid conflict with him. In the absence of instruction, Chiron does what he knows best.

As children, Kevin and Chiron were unable to express their inner personalities. However, both of them, now that they’re adults, are making an effort to make amends. Because, like Juan and Teresa, Chiron isn’t trying to make any judgments about Kevin, he always lets his guard down around him while they are together.

Upon learning that Chiron had not been sexually active since his night with Kevin, this man leaped at the opportunity to embrace him. Chiron’s true identity is known only by Kevin, despite the fact that the two haven’t seen each other in over a decade. Chiron’s sexuality was known to Paula, Juan, and Teresa, but they had no idea how much he had to go through all these years: being unable to come out as a gay man and not being able to feel love.

Shows that Chiron has come to terms with his identity. Bullies no longer scare the little child, and he no longer runs away from them. Chiron’s recollections of the beach are linked to Juan and Kevin, two of the most important people in his life. Juan was a lifeguard who took Chiron to the beach so he could learn to swim as a child. Chiron, on the other hand, sees the beach as a place of safety. Additionally, it was on that very beach when he had his one and only sexual experience with someone else (Kevin).

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