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Krampus Ending Explained: What’s so Special About the Krampus Movie?

On December 25, 2015, Michael Dougherty, Todd Casey, and Zach Shields wrote, directed, and starred in Krampus, a 2015 American Christmas horror comedy film inspired by the eponymous character from Austro-Bavarian legend. Tolman Allison Tolman Conchata Ferrell Emjay Anthony Stefania LaVie Owen Krista Stadler Lolo Owen, Queenie Samuel Maverick Flack Sage Hunefeld are among the cast members.

Discord in the family leads to a little boy losing his Christmas joy in this film. A frightening demonic beast in old European legend known as Krampus punishes wayward youngsters at Christmas time by unleashing his wrath. In the face of Krampus’s onslaught, the family is forced to work together in order to avoid an unthinkable fate.

In 2011, Dougherty and Shields hatched the idea for Krampus, a horror film set over the Christmas season. In 2014, Dougherty directed and wrote a new screenplay with Shields and Casey for the picture, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

From November 2014 until March 2015, applications were accepted for the part of the main character. The film’s principal photography began on March 12 and was completed in May of that year. Weta Workshop was responsible for the creature effects.

Krampus was released on DVD and Blu-ray by Universal Pictures on December 4, 2015, in North America. In spite of a $15 million budget, it earned more than $61 million in its first week of release.


Adam Scott portrays Tom in this film.
Sarah is played by Toni Collette.
Howard is played by David Koechner.
Linda Conchata Ferrell (Lindsey Tolman) Max is portrayed by Dorothy Emjay Anthony in the film.
as Beth, Stefania LaVie Owen
Maverick Flack as Howie Jr. is played by Krista Stadler in the film.
Queenie Samuel portrays Jordan in this film.
Stevie Sage Hunefeld (Lolo Owen) as baby Baby As DHL Man, Chrissy Leith Towers plays Chrissy Leith Towers
In the role of Krampus, Luke Hawker (in-suit performer)
Emery Gideon Emery as Krampus (vocal effects)
Seth Green portrays Lumpy and the phone guy.
Breehn’s a Dumpy Firecracker!
Clumpy Brett is played by Justin Roiland.
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Beattie in costume as The Clown
Ketkrókur is played by Mark Atkin.
vörusleikir by Amy Brighton
As Huraskellir, Trevor Bau makes a strong impression.
Gáttaefur is played by Felicity Hamill.
Bjgnakraekir is played by Sophie Gannon.
Kelly Actress Lily Marie portrays Giljagaur
In the Gluggaggir Clare Odell is known
Gareth Ruck portrays Stekkjarstaur
Perchta, played by Ivy George
Ruprecht the Elf, played by Collin Dean.
Ackerman, Pascal, as the Yule Goat
Yule Goat, played by Skye Broberg
As the Yule Goat, Jessie Carson
In the role of Rosie, Thor

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The Ending of Krampus

krampus ending explained

The family is preparing for an attack from the snow monster as they move toward the snowplows. Tom must first get Linda and Sarah’s cooperation.

In the snowplows, Max and Stevie climb aboard. He tries to catch up to Stevie, but Krampus catches him. A torn-up letter he gave Omi is now in his hands. Krampus’ visit was for a reason, and Max was fully aware of it.

Demons are preparing for Stevie’s abduction, and he follows them there. As Krampus approaches, Max shouts out to him and hurls the bauble back in his direction. As the Bauble lowers, a hole appears in the ground.

Stevie is held hostage by the elves until Max informs Krampus that he understands it’s his own fault that Krampus is there. As they hurl Stevie into a pit, Krampus wipes Max’s tear with his claw, but he and the elves laugh.

Krampus seizes Max and shackles him to the lip of the pit for a few moments. Max weeps bitterly, saying that all he wants for Christmas is to share in the festivities with the rest of the world. Max is thrown into the hole by Krampus.

It’s Christmas Day, and a hole opens up in his room. He heads downstairs and sees his entire family. They were all together, joyful, and at ease, taking advantage of the holiday season.

What’s so Special About the Krampus Movie?

Based on ancient ideas about evil people who have seen worse, this film was made. Krampus is considered to be the other side of Santa Claus that isn’t visible to the naked eye. In his enigmatic garb, Santa Claus has arrived to transform the bad into good.

Max is a young man who, as a child, had little interest in the Christmas season.
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He is a member of a dysfunctional family that has come together to celebrate the holiday. There wasn’t a moment of peace in the family during the holiday.

Max, in a fit of wrath, mistakenly orders a monster for the holidays and brings it into the household. That year, he chose to refer to something bad rather than the North Pole’s Santa Claus.

In Krampus’s eyes, everyone has done good and bad.
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St. Nicholas’s Evil Doppelganger, Krampus, is the real deal. When Santa Claus takes on a terrible life of his own, he surrounds the damaged family’s home and forces them to battle for one another if they expect to survive.

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