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The Voyeurs Ending Explained: Did Thomas Commit Suicide?

Filmmaker Michael Mohan wrote and directed The Voyeurs, an American sexual thriller set in 2021. Is based on a true story of a couple who get enamored of their neighbors across the street after watching them from afar (Ben Hardy and Natasha Liu Bordizzo). Under the Divide/Conquer moniker, Greg Gilreath and Adam Hendricks act as producers.

Amazon Studios published it on their Prime Video streaming service on September 10th, 2021. This movie’s streaming success exceeded Amazon Studios’ projections despite earning mixed reviews from critics.


  • Sydney Sweeney portrays Pippa in the film adaptation.
  • In the role of Thomas, Justice Smith
  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • In the role of Julia, Natasha Liu Bordizzo portrays
  • Ariana Grande, Katharine King, and Ari
  • Adele played Joni in a cameo appearance for Adele.
  • Dr. Sato is played by Jean Yoon.

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Did Thomas Commit Suicide at The Ending of “the Voyeurs”?

the voyeurs ending explained

After seeing Seb’s picture exhibition, “The Voyeurs,” Pippa and Ari learned that their flat was owned by Seb and Julia. In order to keep Thomas and Pippa distracted from their studio apartment, the eccentric couple set up a trap.

The newlyweds fell for the ruse and became preoccupied with the problems of their next-door neighbors rather than their own. As a result, Seb and Julia took advantage of the curiosity and created a pictorial story based on the terrible story of Pippa and Thomas for their exhibition.

Pippa was devastated by the findings and chose to permanently leave the flat. While removing the bird water feeder from the window, Pippa saw eight dead birds on the outer window ledge.

Drinking water laced with chlorophyll was a favorite beverage of Thomas’s. A bottle of chlorophyll water was found in Thomas’s residence, and it was drunk by him just before his death. He also put some in the bird water feeder, proving that the water had been tainted. But who is it, exactly?

Pippa sent Seb and Julia a bottle of Sassari (red wine) and a printing command to their wireless printer a few days later. It appears that Pippa blamed Seb and Julia for Thomas’ death, according to the document.

Seb discovered that Pippa had been spying on them from the terrace, and the pair chased after her to put an end to her crazed behavior. Seb and Julia followed Pippa into her optician’s office, L’optique, and cornered her.

When Pippa was sleeping with Seb, Pippa speculated that Julia may have poisoned Thomas’ chlorophyll water. On the same night, Thomas drank poison and died. Julia later hung his body from the ceiling to make it appear as if he had taken his own life.

It was Julia and Seb’s fault that the birds confirmed, however, as they too drank the chlorophyll water. It was too late for the pair to deny such accusations. At the perfect time, Pippa’s wine had been laced with sleeping pills.

To help Julia and Seb, Pippa placed them on the operating table, and with the aid of the machine, burned their eyes (pupil or iris, maybe).

In the end, the studio apartment next to Julia and Seb’s was occupied by two young males. The screen showed an older Julia and Seb, whose eyes were burned and whose vision was blurry, from their perspective. Even though Pippa continued to monitor her neighbor, she finally left the binoculars on the terrace, indicating that her quest for vengeance and retribution was over.

Plot Summary for “The Voyeurs”

the voyeurs ending explained

It’s the desire of background score artist Thomas (Justice Smith) and his ophthalmology trainee love Pippa (Sydney Sweeney) to move into their dream Montreal apartment.

Thomas and Pippa realize that their window looks right into the flat across the hall at night. As soon as they gain a clear view of their neighbors, they become enamored with their perfectly happy life. Thomas and Pippa participate in the slander by giving their neighbors fictitious names, such as Margot and Brent so that their friends can spread the rumors about Thomas and Pippa.

When Thomas and Pippa’s interest is piqued, they use a laser to record the sound vibrations coming from their neighbor’s apartment. As a result, to gain a clearer sense of what the pair are discussing.

When Thomas is awake and aware, he realizes that things are getting creepy and that he must stop what he is doing. Pippa, on the other hand, is enamored with her neighbor’s way of life. When Margot happens to wander into L’optique, Pippa jumps at the opportunity to assist her in getting her vision checked.

Margot’s real name is Julia Novatore, and she is a successful model who lives with her photographer husband Sebastian “Seb” Jacobs. Pippa finds this information through more interaction with her.

In spite of Thomas’ warnings, Pippa continues to investigate and discovers that Seb is having an affair with a number of other models, even after Thomas tells her to stop. Because she’s a good person and wants to help Julia, Pippa uses her wireless printer to send a warning to the latter. Julia commits suicide as soon as she learns about her husband’s infidelity.

Thomas learns of Julia’s death the following morning and immediately accuses Pippa of being responsible for the tragedy. Thomas storms out of the flat in a fit of rage, and Pippa slips into a deep depression.

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