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First Kill Release Date: Why Juliette Will Feel More Difficult To Kill Other?

First Kill Release Date: Vampires are here to stay on Netflix, as yet another series based on the blood-sucking mythological monsters is slated to premiere. Instead of a prestige drama from Midnight Mass’ Mike Flanagan, the streamer will give subscribers First Kill, a young adult fantasy.

The series stars YA author V.E. Schwab and scream queen Emma Roberts in a sapphic teen drama. Schwab will serve as the show’s writer, director, and executive producer. Roberts and her closest friend, Karah Priess, will produce the series through their media firm Belletrist Productions, which is said to have “an eye toward rewarding book lovers.”

First Kill Trailer Overview

First Kill‘s violent trailer is officially here, and it promises a lot of thirsts.

Juliette (Sarah Catherine Hook) seems to her classmates as a socially awkward introvert, but she’s actually a vampire – and balancing her otherworldly desires with her high school obligations is becoming increasingly difficult.

Making matters worse, there’s Calliope (Imani Lewis), a lovely new student with a similar secret: Her parents believe she’s now ready to kill her first vampire because she was born into a family of monster hunters.

These two are naturally drawn to each other like teeth to a vein. In fact, they can’t take their hands off one other in the brand-new trailer, whether they’re enjoying a rare moment of quiet in each other’s arms, fleeing their murderous relatives, or making out against a moonlit tree.

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Two will Band Together to Fight Their Families

First Kill Release Date

The teaser suggests that the two will band together to fight their families, but there are also other beasties in the trailer, including a werewolf, so we’ll have to wait and see how that plays out.

Felicia D Henderson, an experienced showrunner who has worked on shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Moesha, Sister, Sister, Gossip Girl, Fringe, and Marvel’s The Punisher, is in charge of the project. That’s an impressive CV.

“As someone who has a goddaughter who went through a terrible coming-out process, I thought to myself, ‘Boy, how would her life have been different if this had been on when she was 16?'” Shadow and Act were told by Henderson. “I wanted to be a part of a world where her experience was accepted as usual.”

First Kill Plotline

Netflix’s First Kill gives the paranormal romance genre, which dominated YA shelves in the mid-2000s, some much-needed variation. However, in this version of the vampire-human romance, one of the lovers is a slayer. They’re also both female.

The protagonists of First Kill come from two separate families, but they are each planning their first kill. Calliope (Imani Lewis) hails from a long line of monster slayers, and in order to join their ranks, she must kill her first vampire.

Juliette (Sarah Catherine Hook), on the other hand, comes from a long line of vampires (presumably the kind that grow up and mature rather than being undead) and must make her first kill. They lock eyes on each other… but sparks fly and they fall in love.

The Suspense! The Forbidden Love Story! The Gore!

First Kill Release Date

“When it comes time for Juliette, a teenage vampire, to perform her first kill in order to assume her place among a strong vampire family, she sets her sights on Calliope, a new girl in town.” Calliope, however, is a vampire hunter from a line of famous slayers, much to Juliette’s astonishment.

Both discover that the other is far more difficult to kill and, unfortunately, far more difficult to fall for…”

Meanwhile, the original story’s author, Victoria Schwab, Sleepwalkers podcast host Karah Preiss, and American Horror Story and former teen pop star Emma Roberts serve as executive producers.

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First Kill Cast

Juliette Fairmont, a shy teen vamp who refuses to change into a monster, is played by Sarah Catherine Hook (The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, NOS4A2, Impeachment: American Crime Story). Her family is behind her, but love and heritage don’t always mix.

Calliope “Cal” Burns, a monster hunter who is fierce, determined, and more vulnerable than she’ll ever admit, is played by Imani Lewis (Hightown, The Equalizer, Eighth Grade). Her sense of obligation clashes with the hidden affection she feels in her heart.

The Fairmont Hotels (vampires)

  • Will Swenson plays Sebastian
  • Elizabeth Mitchell plays Margot.
  • Elinor is played by Gracie Dzienny,

Monster Hunters

  • Oliver is played by Dylan McNamara
  • Talia is played by Aubin Wise.
  • Jack is played by Jason R. Moore.
  • Apollo is played by Dominic Goodman.
  • Theo is played by Phillip Mullings Jr.
  • Tess Jonas as MK Xyz
  • Ben Wheeler is played by Dylan Allen.

First Kill Episodes

First Kill Release Date

Juliette must perform her first kill in order to assume her place among her powerful vampire family. Juliette bites off more than she can chew when she sets her sights on Calliope, the new girl in town.

Calliope is revealed to be from a family of renowned vampire hunters. Both the vampire and the hunter quickly find that the other is not only simple to kill, but also far too easy to fall for.

It has been announced that the first season of First Kill would consist of eight episodes, each lasting roughly 60 minutes.

First Kill Release Date

Netflix is known for its book adaptations, and the short story First Kill is the latest to get the Netflix treatment. Filming took place in the second half of 2021, and the show will premiere on Netflix in June 2022.

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Netflix has officially confirmed that the series First Kill Release Date will premiere on Friday, June 10, 2022, so we’re not too far away!

V.E. Schwab wrote and created First Kill, an upcoming Netflix Original fantasy teen drama. Schwab’s short story of the same name was included in Imprint’s Vampires Never Get Old: Tales with Fresh Bite.

The showrunner of First Kill is Felicia D. Henderson, who previously worked on Empire, Gossip Girl, and The Punisher. Henderson will also write and executive produce the film. Executive producers for Belletrist Productions include Emma Roberts and Karah Preiss.

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