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Kingdom Ashin of The North Explained: How Did Ashin’s Family Die in Kingdom!

South Korean political period horror thriller Kingdom (Korean: RR: Kingdom) is a 2019 Kim Eun-hee webtoon series based on the Kim Eun-hee and artist Yang Kyung-il webtoon The Kingdom of the Gods.
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It debuted on Netflix on January 25th, 2019, as the network’s first Korean original series.

This film features the talents of Ju Ji-hoon, Ryu Seung-ryong, Bae Doona, Kim Sang-ho, Kim Sung-kyu, and Kim Hye-jun. Except for the majority of the second season’s episodes, all of the show’s episodes were directed by Kim Seong-hun.

A political thriller with zombie horror aspects, Kingdom takes place three years after the end of the Imjin War in a fictional Joseon (modern-day Korea).

While investigating a mystery ailment that has suddenly struck the King of Joseon, Crown Prince Lee Chang discovers himself caught in the center of a terrible pandemic that is spreading throughout the Kingdom of Joseon. Meanwhile, he has to keep his political adversaries from gaining power in order to rescue the Kingdom from disease.


Chang Ju Ji-hoon Lee Chang


Bae Doona

In other words, Kim Sung-kyu

Jeon Seok-ho and Cho Beom-pal
The Lord Cho Hak-ju
In other words, Ryu Seung-ryong

Cho Kim Hye-jun, wife of the King of Korea

In the name of the lord of the throne:

Ahn Hyeon Heo Joon-ho, Lord of the Universe

Ashin Jun Ji-hyun Ashin Jun

Ashin Kim Shi-ah, the son of Young Ashin Kim

For more information about Min Chi-rok Park, see Park Byung-eun

Koo Kyo-hwan

It’s Kim Roi-ha Ta Hab.

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Kingdom: Ashin of The North’ Ending Explained

kingdom ashin of the north explained

Following an uptick in Japanese-Japanese hostilities a few years later, King Gojong of Joseon ordered his forces to gather along the southern coast in preparation for an impending fight.

The Pajero Region’s position would be weakened if northern forces were forced south.
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In order to gather intelligence on the Pajeowi army stationed at the Pajero River’s basin, Chi-rok recruits an adult Ashin.

Ashin discovered her father, TaHab, chained up in Pajeowi captivity during her infiltration mission. In order to alleviate his pain, she stabbed him. In the end, Ashin managed to infiltrate Chi-chamber’s rok’s and found via a scroll that it was Chi-rok who had incited the massacre in her town.

Some Pajeowi Jurchen sneaked into Pyesa-gun to take ginseng, according to Chi-notes. rok’s (wild herb). The Haewon Cho Clan ambushed and slaughtered all of them at the same time (Joseon men).

Chi-rok misled Pajeowi Jurchens into believing that Seongjeoyain tribals had slaughtered 15 Pajeowi and thrown them into a woodland pit in order to avert a battle and prevent tragedy. Aidan killed the entire tribe in retaliation for Ashin’s father being labeled a traitor.

Infected and slain by Ashin, Joseon soldiers were transformed into undead zombies by the resurrection plant flowers. The zombie troops wreaked havoc on the entire camp of the Joseon army.
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Having been sexually abused by the soldier, Ashin carried the soldier’s body to a solitary log cabin in the middle of an abandoned woodland. Her family members (from the hamlet) had been converted into zombies, and they were all chained up in the barn.

This was the first time Ashin had fed these zombies in a long time, yet the animal remnants weren’t enough for them. More human flesh was promised by Ashin as a warning of her ambitions to destroy Joseon and the Jurchen Kingdom.


kingdom ashin of the north explained

Korea’s Joseon Dynasty, three years after the legendary “Battle of Unpo Wetland,” where 500 Korean soldiers headed by Governor Ahn Hyeon repelled an army of 30,000 Japanese invaders in Sangju, is the setting for the Kingdom of Heaven.

The villagers of Sumang were changed into violent zombies by utilizing a herb known as the “resurrection plant”; after the battle, the zombies were executed and buried in secrecy.

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