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Boris Bondarev Quits: Saying He Has ‘Never Been so Ashamed of My Country’ – And Fears for His Safety!

Boris Bondarev, a Russian diplomat, has resigned over the “criminal” conflict in Ukraine.

As a counselor to the UN mission in Geneva, I have never been more ashamed of my nation than I am now.

A Russian envoy who resigned over the “bloody, witless, and totally pointless” war in Ukraine expressed his fear of reprisals from the Kremlin yesterday.

When Boris Bondarev, a member of the Russian delegation to the United Nations, spoke out against the “lies and unprofessionalism” in Russia’s foreign ministry, it was a clear message to those in the Kremlin who “want to remain in power for eternity.”

A resignation letter from a Swiss non-governmental organisation was published.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “crime against the Ukrainian people,” he warned, will “destroy the Russian economy and wipe out all hope for a thriving free society.””

He Says He Has “never Been More Embarrassed of My Nation” and Is Concerned for His Own Safety if Russian Envoy Boris Bondarev Resigns Over the Conflict in Ukraine.

Employee Boris Bondarev of the UN mission in Geneva described Russia’s actions as “intolerable” and stated that as a public servant “I have to shoulder a share of responsibility for that, and I don’t want to do”

Russian diplomats have expressed concern for the safety of a former diplomat who quit over the “catastrophe” of Russia’s incursion into Ukraine.

President Vladimir Putin’s soldiers are waging a “aggressive battle,” according to Boris Bondarev, 41.

He referred to the actions of his administration as “intolerable” in his remarks.

“As a government servant, I have to shoulder a share of responsibility for it, and I don’t want to do that,” said Bondarev, who works for the country’s permanent representation to the United Nations in Geneva.

A Russian official, he claimed, “can no longer be linked with this” since he “disagreed” and “disapproved” of Moscow’s policy.

It was just like any other Monday morning: “I arrived at the mission as usual and handed in my resignation letter.”

When he spoke of his anxieties, he said, ” “No, I’m not worried about my own safety. I believe such a scenario is plausible.”

Three months into the conflict, there is a rare political resignedness.

Was Mr Bondarev the only one who felt this way when he was quizzed about it? “Russian diplomats aren’t all neoconservatives. However, they must keep their lips quiet since they’re reasonable people.”

Bondarev, a former arms control counsellor, argued that others would be deterred from speaking out if he is arrested.

Because “if my case is prosecuted,” others may not follow suit, he claimed.

He went on to say: “Diplomacy is no longer the focus of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It used to be. It’s all about war, slander, and a loathing for the other side.”

On LinkedIn, the Russian envoy announced his departure.

For the last two decades, he writes, “I studied to be a diplomat and have been a diplomat.”

“I’ve made my home and family in the [Russian foreign] ministry. This brutal, witless, and unnecessary ignominy is simply too much for me to bear any longer.”

That he has no plans to depart the city was also stated.

He stated: “For the time being, I have no idea what I’ll do next. I’m considering it, but I’m afraid the possibilities aren’t great if I have to return to Russia.”

Since the invasion, the West has placed severe sanctions on Russia and offered military assistance to the Ukrainians inside.

Boris Bondarev is a “hero,” according to Hiller Neuer, the executive director of the advocacy group UN Watch.

Calls to the Russian mission’s spokesman went unanswered.

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Over Vladimir Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine, Russian Diplomat Boris Bondarev Resigned, Saying, “never Have I Been so Embarrassed of My Nation.”

boris bondarev quits

DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) — Despite the fact that the United States is currently in the midst of a Vladimir Putin has started a “aggressive war” in Ukraine, a veteran Russian diplomat at the UN Office in Geneva says he resigned before writing an expletive-laden letter to his international colleagues.

Russian diplomats received a letter from Boris Bondarev, 41, on Monday morning confirming that he had submitted his resignation to the Associated Press.

For the past twenty years, I have witnessed many changes in our foreign policy, but never have I been so ashamed of my nation as on February 24 of this year,” he wrote, referencing to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Bondarev, a diplomat who has worked on Russia’s position in the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva after postings in Cambodia and Mongolia, acknowledged his resignation in a letter written to Ambassador Gennady Gatilov.

While some Russian officials may be “warmongering,” not all of them are. However, they must keep their lips shut because they are rational.”

He opined that his situation could serve as a model for others.

In the event that he is prosecuted, “if other people want to follow,” he said, “they would not.”

Lavrov has gone from “a professional and educated intellectual… into someone who continuously broadcasts inconsistent comments and threats the world (that is Russia too) with nuclear weapons” in the course of the last 18 years,” said the Russian foreign minister.

“Diplomacy is not the focus of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs now.” “War, deceit, and hatred rule the day.”

According to the Associated Press, Bondarev has no immediate plans to depart Geneva.

Boris Bondarev is a hero, said Hiller Neuer of U.N. Watch, the advocacy group’s executive director.

This week should see Bondarev called to speak at Davos, he said, and the United States, UK, and EU should spearhead a scheme to encourage additional Russian diplomats to defect and follow, by offering protection, financial security, and resettlement for diplomats and their families.”

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