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Who Dies at The End of Den of Thieves: Den of Thieves Ending Explained, Who Was the Real Mastermind?

Christian Gudegast wrote, directed, and produced the 2018 action heist film Den of Thieves (also known as Criminal Squad in various territories).

Gerard Butler, Pablo Schreiber, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Evan Jones, Dawn Olivieri, Mo McRae, and Max Holloway are among the actors that appear in the film, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month.

Los Angeles’ Federal Reserve Bank is on the verge of being robbed until a police task force arrives to put an end to the plot.

In the United States, STXfilms distributed Den of Thieves, which opened in theatres on January 19th. The film was met with mediocre reviews with a worldwide box office of $80 million. A follow-up is currently being worked on.


Theodore “Tony”
Producer Nick Flanagan
Pablo Schreiber is a film director.
Mercenary Merrimen O’Shea Jackson Jr.
A man by the name of Donnie Curtis
Levi Enson is a musician
It’s Mo McRae’s birthday today.
He was known as Gus Henderson.
Max Holloway’s death
He’s Michael Bisping
The Oleg Taktarov
The SS John Lewis was a member of J.R. McMahon Jr.
The name of Nate Boyer is being used.
The name of Dale Russell is mentioned.
Sonya Balmores is the author of this article.
Van Holt Murph, Brian
Theodore “Evan” Bosco
“Lobbin’ Bob” Bridges of Jordan Golightly \sCooper Andrews \sMack
The Braedens
Ziggy Zerhusen
Maurice Benny ‘Borracho’ Companion Megalon
He is the actor Lewis Tan.
Meadow Williams is the author of the book
The Bank of America’s Michael Papajohn Security Officer
A Greek actor, Stefanos Miltsakakis.
Kaiwi Lyman is the author.
‘Z’ Zapata
Rivers, Jermaine
Homeless Juan Gaspard
Armored Car Messenger: Timothy Douglas Perez
Renah Gallagher is the author of this piece.
LA She’s a lady of destiny.
Hibachi Table with Woman Chef
Rudd’s name is Nick Loeb.
Michael He is David Yuhl.
Detective with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

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At the End of “den of Thieves,” What Happened?

who dies at the end of den of thieves

On the day of the theft, Nick’s squad was positioned near the Pico Rivera bank. In any case, Merrimen has taken over and is threatening to kill everyone in the bank. They detonate a bank vault as well.

Nick was alerted by Merrimen’s behaviors, which were different from his normal heists. As a result, the detective enters the bank on his own and discovers that the hostages are still alive and have fled through the sewers of the building.

Married, on the other hand, is captured by Nick and Donnie, who beats him up to divulge the way out of the prison.

Merriman’s escape route is pursued by Nick and his gang, which eventually results in a firefight. The shootout also claimed the lives of Merrimen, Bosco, and Levi, as well.

Afterward, Nick goes to Merrimen’s truck, which is solely filled of shredded paper.. Nick, meantime, learns about Donnie’s abduction and subsequent escape. That’s why later on, Nick visits the tavern where Donnie used to work. It’s here that Nick learns the most important lesson of the film.

There are a lot of Federal Reserve employees there, as the detective notices. Because of this, he came to understand that the pub was a gathering place for bank personnel. Furthermore, the heist’s true mastermind was Donnie Wilson.

After seeing Donnie’s napkin notes, Merrimen gets in touch with him regarding the heist in the flashback. In spite of this, he betrayed Merrimen and his gang.

The ex-Marine turned thief was now the focus of the police’s attention, thanks to Nick’s distraction. He had sent the stolen money to Panama, but he fled to London, where he is shown planning a second heist, this time at a diamond store.

Who Dies at The End of Den of Thieves

The thief intercept a garbage truck as it takes up the money-filled rubbish. They grab Donnie, beat him to divulge Merrimen’s escape route, and hand over the information to Nick’s crew. Stuck in traffic, Merrimen’s crew spot Nick’s team approaching and exchange fire; Deputy “Borracho” and thief Bosco are slain.

Fleeing on foot with Nick in hot pursuit, Levi is slain and Merrimen is seriously injured. Due to Merrimen’s desperate actions, Nick had no choice but to use lethal force and shot him. Nick is informed by the FBI that all currency has been accounted for at the Federal Reserve, while Donnie has fled from Merrimen’s truck.

What’s the Story Behind Den of Thieves?

who dies at the end of den of thieves

Den of Thieves movie plot summary is summarised here.

Ray Merrimen (Pablo Schreiber) leads a band of former MARSOC Marines that seize an armoured truck in Los Angeles. After a confrontation with police, the hijackers manage to escape with the empty truck, killing one member of Merrimen’s crew in the process.

The robbery is being investigated by LASD Detective Nick O’Brien, who has identified the newly released Merrimen as a prime suspect. A bartender named Donnie Wilson (O’Shea Jackson Jr.) confesses to being the getaway driver for the robbers and is kidnapped by Nick’s crew. This man claims to have knowledge of the crew’s future plans but denies it and is let go.

During the heist, Merrimen’s squad holds the Pico Rivera bank hostage and demands a ransom and a helicopter as Nick’s team waits nearby.

The team appears to kill a female hostage when the FBI tries to negotiate. The criminals penetrate the vault and detonate explosives inside, causing Nick to understand this is not their typical M.O. He eagerly storms the bank himself to discover the hostages alive, chained and hooded while the robbers had blown their way into the sewers and escaped.

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