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Ending of Stillwater Explained: Is Stillwater a True Story? Everything You Need to Know!

Based on a screenplay he co-wrote with Marcus Hinchey, Thomas Bidegain, and Noé Debré, Tom McCarthy will helm the 2021 crime drama Stillwater. Focus Features has distributed the first DreamWorks picture. To defend his daughter’s (Abigail Breslin) innocence, an unemployed oil-rig worker from Oklahoma sets out with Camille Cottin (Matthew Damon), a Frenchwoman.

At Cannes Film Festival on July 8, 2021, the film premiered and was distributed in the US on July 30, 2021 by Focus Features. Critics mainly gave it a thumbs-up.


  • Damon as Bill Baker, portrayed by Matt
  • Allison Baker played by Abigail Breslin
  • Virginie, played by Camille Cottin
  • starring Lilou Siauvaud in the role of Maya
  • Sharon, played by Deanna Dunagan.
  • In the role of Akim, Idir Azougli steps in.
  • As Leparq, Anne Le Ny portrays
  • Dirosa is played by Moussa Maaskri.
  • In the role of Patrick, William Nadylam

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Explaining the ‘Stillwater’ Ending

ending of stillwater explained

However, Dirosa had already notified the senior members of the team about Bill’s outlandish ambitions before he could start looking for the lone piece of the puzzle. After searching Virginie’s flat, the police were unable to locate Akim in the basement.

When Dirosa arrived at the building, Virginie had already released Akim. She may have used a spare key she found in the flat to open the paddle lock.

She revealed to Bill that she was aware of what he had done and wanted him to leave the house immediately after the police’s investigation. She didn’t want to put her daughter in any risk because of Bill’s behavior.

To inform Bill of the fresh evidence (Akim’s DNA) that had appeared, Leparq contacted Bill before departing Marseille. Although Akim has yet to be located, a court of law has decided that Allison can now go free because of the verdict they reached. She and Bill made their way back to Oklahoma.

Bill’s “Stillwater” jewelry came up in conversation when they got home. When Allison learned that Bill was privy to her secret, she stated that she gave Akim the chain to “make Lina leave her residence.” Akim killed Lina because she was misinterpreted by Allison due to her limited command of the French language.

Lina had been unfaithful to Allison. It became the driving force behind the lovers’ incessant scuffles. Lina refused to leave the flat, so Allison resorted to harsh measures in her rage. In spite of this, she had no intention of murdering her.

The border between right and wrong can be blurred. Sometimes, it’s so obvious that you don’t even know you’ve passed it. A monster, then, was she? Until Bill brought up the “Stillwater” necklace, she refused to acknowledge the reality.

That’s when she went grey. There’s nothing wrong with taking on the appearance of a grey person in a rapidly decaying environment.

What happened to Allison after that? Did she end up in jail? No, but she did feel a feeling of loss because she had to part ways with her beloved Lina as a result of her own poor choices. For the rest of her life, she will be haunted by remorse.

Allison asks Bill if he misses Virginia and Maya at the end of Stillwater. Even if they’re gone, he still misses them with all his heart. What’s gone, is gone. For Bill, America has changed forever, and it will never be the same again. Having lived without Virginie and Maya for so long, he has no idea what life was like before.

Summary of ‘Stillwater’ Plot

ending of stillwater explained

In order to make ends meet in Stillwater, Oklahoma, Bill Baker (Matt Damon) takes on a variety of odd construction tasks after he loses his oil-field job. He pays a visit to Sharon, Sharon’s exhausted mother-in-law, to inquire about Allison, his daughter (Abigail Breslin).

Hamdi Lina, Allison’s roommate and lover, was found dead in her apartment. In Marseille, France, she was sentenced to nine years in jail, and she has already served four of those years. Sharon has been visiting Allison on a regular basis, but this time she begs Bill to allow her to see her for the first time in four years.

Bill takes a flight to Marseille because he has no work to do and Sharon is taking care of the bills. Once they’ve had an awkward chat about their father-daughter relationship, Allison asks Bill to send a letter to Maitre Leparq, her lawyer.

Allison mentions to Maitre in her letter that according to Patrick Okonedo’s hearsay, a man named Akim has been identified. At a gathering, Akim made eye contact with Souad, a member of Patrick’s outreach program.

When he was younger, he told a story about stabbing a girl and escaping justice. In the minds of Allison and Patrick, Akim is inextricably linked to the death of Lina. Instead of participating in any conspiracy, Leparq believes that the judge will never initiate a case on hearsay.

To find out more about Akim, Allison has turned to Leparq, who she hopes will accept her plea and lend a hand. Bill resolves to take the leap on his own since he doesn’t want to let his daughter down.

Virginie (Camille Cottin) and her eight-year-old daughter Maya (Lilou Siauvaud) accompany Bill through thick and thin in a country where the language is completely different from his own. With the help of Virginie, Bill uncovers some concrete evidence in the case. Will Bill be able to prove his daughter’s innocence even with such huge efforts?

Is the Story of Stillwater Based on Fact?

Let’s put Amanda Knox out of our minds for a while,” McCarthy adds. He was inspired by the “narrative around the story,” notably the relationship between a father and his guilty daughter.

When an American woman studying abroad becomes involved in some kind of newsworthy crime, she finds up in jail, let’s fictionalize the rest of the story around her. The True Crime podcast was another source of inspiration for him.

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