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Trees of Peace Ending: Cast of Trees of Peace, Plot and More Updates!

Mitra Sen wrote and directed The Peace Tree, a 2005 family film produced by Sandalwood Productions in collaboration with Harmony Movement and CBC.

Cast of Trees of Peace

Annick is played by Eliane Umuhire, Jeanette is played by Charmaine Bingwa, Peyton is played by Ella Cannon, and Mutesi is played by Bola Koleosho. Tongayi Chirisa portrays Francois, Omono Okojie portrays Akimana, Philip Michael portrays Hutu Soldier, Evan Alex portrays Daniel, Jamal Akakpo portrays Lt. Ngeze, Maurice Mack portrays Rene, Salieu Sesay portrays Commander, Tarnue Massaquoi portrays Seba, Victor Kamwendo portrays Pascal, Brian Mganga portrays Martin, Zack Yanni portrays Martin,


The Peace Tree is a story about two tiny girls, one Muslim and the other Christian, who wish to celebrate one other’s festivals, Christmas and Eid.

When they tell their parents about their dreams, however, they are faced with opposition from their parents, who express their fears. Through their struggles, they build a one-of-a-kind symbol: The Peace Tree, a tree that reflects the beauty of “diversity in unity” by highlighting symbols from all of our cultures and beliefs.

The children’s voices are heard in The Peace Tree as they try to persuade their parents of the necessity of sharing and appreciating difference together.

Over 50 film festivals have welcomed The Peace Tree, including the Tribeca Film Festival, and it has won twelve international honours.

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Do All of The Women Survive the End of Trees of Peace?

Trees of Peace ending

Trees of Peace is a Netflix original drama that is now available. The film, which is based on the historical narrative of Rwanda’s Genocide Against the Tutsi, follows four ladies from various origins and beliefs who are stranded while the genocide is taking place.

Set in April 1994, Jeannette, Annick, Peyton, and Mutesi are stranded in a cellar, where they must struggle for survival against all obstacles. Throughout the film, however, they become inextricably linked by an unbreakable sisterhood forged of their tragic circumstances.

We’ll go over the Trees of Peace finale in detail here, as well as answer any follow-up questions you might have. We can help you whether you’ve finished the movie or just want to know how it ends.

What Happens at The End of Trees of Peace? Does Francois Truly Die?

The women are forced to hide at one point while troops search Annick and Francois’ home. After discovering Francois in his school, the military tortured and killed him, according to the soldiers. However, it became discovered that this was not the case.

Francois survives, and at the end of the film, he returns for Annick and the others to take them to the only remaining shelter, the Hôtel des Mille Collines.

Do All of The Women Survive the End of Trees of Peace?

Yes, all four women make it through the film, despite a few close calls. Jeanette nearly kills Mutesi at one point after becoming violent and lashing out. Peyton had a seizure as well, but she recovers.

What Occurs at The Conclusion of Trees of Peace?

Trees of Peace ending

The women are finally able to break free from the cellar and escape at the end of the film. For a brief period, it appears that soldiers are on their way to abduct them, but it turns out to be Francois, and they are freed.

Final Thoughts on Netflix’s Trees of Peace

Overall, Trees of Peace depicts the emotional and mental toll that wars and massacres have on people. There are numerous terrible stories from Rwanda in this category. It’s a horrific survival story that’s both unsettling and chilling to watch. Rwanda’s history was profoundly altered by the massacre of 1994. It’s a fascinating look into Rwanda’s past, which few people are aware of.

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