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5 Like Bridget Jones Romantic Comedy Movies: What Makes You Fall In Love (2022)!

We’ve all heard of Bridget Jones, the thirty-something spinster who decides to keep a diary in the same year she hunts for love.

Many of us could identify with this lighthearted story, which was based on Helen Fielding’s novel and is still a favorite of many rom-com fans today.

The romantic comedy genre is popular because it explores stories of heartbreak and romance in a lighthearted and upbeat manner.

Heartbreaking romantic films have their place, but there are times when you just want to sit and watch something that tells a nice story without making you cry.

If you enjoyed Bridget Jones’s Diary, here are seven romantic comedies that will both warm your heart and make you laugh out loud.

1. The Holiday (2006)

With little sex references, this is also suitable for younger audiences, however, adults may find it more entertaining.

This film stars Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, and Jack Black, and recounts the story of Iris (Winslet), a British woman, and Amanda (Diaz), a LA film trailer producer, who trade residences for a few weeks during the Christmas vacation and find adventure and sparks of love along the way.

I really like this film; it has some sweet moments, and I always appreciate seeing Diaz and Black on screen together. It’s a fantastic movie to watch with your mother, but it’s not one to watch at a party because there are some serious moments.

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2. 13 Going on 30 (2004)

13 Going on 30 is a great book for tweens and teenagers, unlike some of the others on this list. It follows the story of Jenna (Jennifer Garner), who desires to be 30 years old after being bullied on her 13th birthday and is surprised when her dreams come true.

She tries to adjust to being an adult with an adult job, discovers what the autopilot-her has been up to for the past seventeen years, and tracks down her best childhood pal, Matt (Mark Ruffalo).

However, she discovers that a lot has changed since she was thirteen years old.

This is a delightful film that I enjoyed as a child and continue to appreciate as an adult. It’s ideal for watching with your daughter or younger sister if you’re looking for a girly flick.

3. The Ugly Truth (2009)

The Ugly Truth is a 2009 American romantic comedy film directed by Robert Luketic and starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler. It was written by Nicole Eastman, Karen McCullah Lutz, and Kirsten Smith. Columbia Pictures distributed the film in North America on July 24, 2009.

I’m prejudiced because I adore Gerard Butler, but this bawdy film from 2009 is another treasure worth watching with your girls.

Abby (Katherine Heigl) is a stern but likable TV producer whose life is turned upside down when a TV host she despises, Mike (Butler), joins her show to boost its decreasing ratings.

Abby is having difficulties finding a boyfriend because of her perfectionist mentality, and Mike pledges to help her find the guy of her dreams in exchange for letting him run her show. Between them, an odd relationship, and possibly more, blooms.

This film is not suitable for younger people due to numerous sex references, but it is a fun, easy-to-watch film starring two very attractive men! This is perfect for a girls’ night in.

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4. Love Actually (2003)

Love Actually, a British film that portrays the love tales of numerous different people at the same time is another outstanding classic.

If you haven’t seen this Christmas classic, which stars Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Keira Knightley, and others, I strongly advise you to do so.

Some of the stories are amusing, while others are heartwarming and tragic. This is a nice film you can enjoy alone or with the company, with a solid script, some amusing moments, and a fuzzy Christmas feel to it.

Richard Curtis wrote and directed Love Actually, a romantic comedy-drama film set around the Christmas season in 2003. It has an ensemble cast that is primarily made up of British performers, many of whom have previously worked with Curtis on film and television projects.

The screenplay, which was mostly shot on location in London, explores many elements of love via ten discrete stories with a diverse cast of characters, many of whom become intertwined as the stories develop. The story begins five weeks before Christmas and unfolds in a weekly countdown to the holiday, culminating in a one-month-later epilogue.

On a budget of $40–45 million, Love Actually was a box office hit, grossing $246 million worldwide.

It was nominated for a Golden Globe Award in the category of Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy. The film has been described as arguably a modern-day Christmas staple since it is frequently shown over the Christmas season and has proven more popular with audiences than critics.

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5. The Proposal (2009)

Sandra Bullock, who has also starred in Miss Congeniality and Gravity, is one of my favorite actors. Ryan Reynolds, who starred in Deadpool and Definitely, Maybe, is also in this picture.

Margaret, a domineering Canadian publisher, is facing deportation since her visa status is in jeopardy, so she orders her assistant, Andrew (Reynolds), to marry her.

Despite their initial dislike for one other (Andrew only agrees because she threatens to fire him if he doesn’t), a journey to Alaska to see Andrew’s family may change their minds.

This film features some fantastic laugh-out-loud moments from Sandra Bullock, as well as some pleasant feel-good moments that aren’t overly corny.

In 2009, I went to the movies with my mother to see this film, and I recall everyone in the theatre laughing. If you enjoy Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, I strongly advise you to see them.

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