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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Taylor Armstrong Talks About Finding Love with John Bluher After the Death of Her Husband Russell Armstrong: ‘i Was Paralysed’

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All the details about Taylor Armstrong Reflect on Finding Love with John After Russell’s Death @ Celebrity Exit can be found right here. Taylor Armstrong

Reuniting with her prince charming. After the death of her ex-husband, Taylor Armstrong reflects on how she was able to discover true happiness with her current partner, John Bluher.

Taylor, 51, told Us Weekly in an exclusive interview for the third season of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Ex-Wives Club: “I don’t think I would’ve ever been in a relationship again if it hadn’t been for someone that I trust so much because of everything I’ve been through. “I just felt so betrayed,” he said.

John Bluher and Taylor Armstrong Images courtesy of Matt Baron

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills actress Lisa Vanderpump says the show’s influence on her dating prospects was “huge”. “I don’t know how you meet someone that you’ve never been with before and just assume that they’re not going to have so many preconceived notions about who you are when your life plays out on television,” she continued.

Before making a run of cameos, the Kansas native was a series regular on Bravo from 2010 to 2013. Those who followed Taylor’s life on RHOBH were privy to her tumultuous relationship with Russell. She filed for divorce in July 2011 citing physical and verbal abuse. Russell was found dead from a suicide hangover a month later.

The author of Hiding from Reality recalls how difficult it was to deal with Russell’s passing.

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Taylor Armstrong Reflects on Finding Love With John After Russell's Death

In order to care for my now 16-year-old daughter, Kennedy, I knew that I had to survive and make it through.” She told Us, “Kennedy was my number one priority, and I’m just taking it day by day.

“As events progressed, I was met with disappointment after disappointment. There was nothing nice about the phone calls I received from the attorneys.”

This big life upheaval has left Taylor feeling “paralyzed” and “stuck,” as she put it. “Fortunately, John, my now-husband, who was my friend back then, is also a lawyer. His arrival was a godsend for me.

We didn’t get along for the first several years since he called with terrible news almost every time,” she laughed. “However, he stuck by my side and supported me through all that I was going through.”

Taylor lauded her 64-year-old spouse for improving her perspective on marriage after they wed in 2014. In fact, that’s the reason I think I’m married now: I’d never trust anyone else after that.

Having someone who remained by me, even though we couldn’t stand each other for a long, was the reason I trusted him so much, and we became great friends,” she said.

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