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The Mist Ending Explained: Who Is Frank Darabont? Everything You Need to Know!

Based on Stephen King’s 1980 novella “The Mist,” “The Mist” is a science fiction/horror film released in 2007. Frank Darabont wrote and directed the picture. Since the 1980s, Darabont has been interested in making a film adaptation of “The Mist.” Toby Jones, Laurie Holden, Melissa McBride, and Juan Gabriel Pareja are among the film’s ensemble cast.

The rest of the group includes Thomas Jane, Marcia Gay Harden, Nathan Gamble, Andre Braugher, Toby Jones, and Buck Taylor.

The filmmaker rewrote the film’s ending to make it darker than the novella’s, and King agreed.

Additionally, Darabont was on the lookout for distinctive creature designs that would set them apart from the work he had done in the past.

Unusual people’s reactions to extraordinary situations are explored in this monster movie. Bridgton, Maine residents gather in a supermarket to stock up on groceries the night before after a heavy rainstorm knocks out electricity. An unusual mist covers the town and hides terrible, Lovecraftian monsters as the survivors become increasingly tense.


  • David Drayton (Thomas Jane) is a painter who gets stuck in a supermarket with his son Billy (Billy Bob Thornton).
  • As Mrs. Carmody, a religious zealot who thinks the mist to be God’s vengeance, Marcia Gay Harden appears in the film.
  • New instructor Amanda Dunfrey is played by Laurie Holden. Her Colt revolver is always on her person.
  • An attorney in the big city and David’s neighbour is played by Andre Braugher in “Brent Norton.”the mist ending explained
  • starring Toby Jones as Ollie Weeks, the assistant manager of a store who has a lot of experience with firearms
  • As Jim Grondin, a violent and weak-minded mechanic, William Sadler portrays
  • Dan Miller, played by Jeffrey DeMunn, seeks refuge in the market after experiencing the perils of the mist.

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  • As an elderly teacher and Amanda’s coworker, Frances Sternhagen plays Irene Reppler (Frances Sternhagen).
  • A soldier at the adjacent Arrowhead military installation, played by actor Sam Witwer, plays Private Wayne Jessup.
  • Sally, a supermarket cashier and Billy’s babysitter, is played by Alexa Davalos.
  • Billy Drayton, David’s eight-year-old son, is played by Nathan Gamble.
  • Chris Owen portrays Norm, a bag-boy, in this video clip.
  • Bud Brown, the manager of the supermarket, is played by Robert Treveiler.
  • Jim’s mechanic, Myron LaFleur, is played by David Jensen.
  • A mother, unidentified as Melissa McBride, is accused of abandoning her children at home.
  • As Mike Hatlen, a grocery customer who backs David’s side, Andy Stahl portrays him.
  • In the film, Buck Taylor portrays Ambrose Cornell, a moustachioed man who supports David’s gang and carries a shotgun in his truck.
  • a soldier from the Arrowhead base named Morales, played by Juan Gabriel Pareja
  • a character played by Walter Fauntleroy in the role of Donaldson, a soldier from Arrowhead
  • the mist ending explained
  • A customer at the grocery store who supports David’s group is Bobby Eagleton, played by Brandon O’Dell as the brother of Joe Eagleton.
  • Bobby Eagleton’s brother, played by Jackson Hurst, tries to make a torch out of a mop but fails.
  • Susan Watkins portrays Hattie Turman, a local real estate salesperson, in this film adaptation.
  • Mathew Greer portrays Silas, a grocery customer who sides with Brent’s group in the film.
  • As Stephanie Drayton, David’s wife and mother of Billy, played by Kelly Collins Lintz,
  • Mr. Mackey, the supermarket’s butcher, is played by Ron Clinton Smith.
  • As a member of the military police, Amin Joseph

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Mist’s End Was Discussed in Detail

The story of the film takes place in a mist-shrouded village where enormous insects and beasts lurk in the shadows. In a supermarket for the duration of the film, a group of survivors fight for their life.

They’ve taken refuge at the shop in order to avoid being discovered by the creatures who lurk in The Mist. David Drayton (Thomas Jane) and a select group of people, including his 8-year-old son, depart the building at the end of The Mist.

In the midst of the road, their car breaks down. Everyone in the car, including David, has come to the realization that death is a foregone certainty and that they will be killed by the monsters. In order to avert this, the group decides to be killed by the instruments they’ve created for themselves.

the mist ending explained

The group agrees to David’s mercy killing. It appears that he has only four rounds for the five persons on board. David uses the final four shots he has to take down his son, Dan, Amanda, and Irene.

David was forced to abandon himself to the whims of the creatures of The Mist.

In contrast, a U.S. Army van with truckloads of survivors pulls up as David steps out to surrender himself to The Mist. David yells in hysteria as the film ends, having just slain four people, including his own son, and his wife has died.

Many individuals were saddened by the film’s conclusion. The film highlights what people may do when they are put in difficult situations and also how they must come to terms with the decisions they have made in life. Some Reddit users had the following to say about it:

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Where Did He Get His Start as A Writer?

Before beginning work on The Mist, Frank Darabont already had a distinguished resume: “The Shawshank Redemption” and “The Green Mile,” both based on Stephen King’s novels, were critically acclaimed, as was “Majestic,” which starred Jim Carrey as the title character and was well received by audiences and critics alike.

He had also worked as a screenwriter on films like “A Nightmare on Elm Street 3,” “Mary Shelley’s Frank

It’s worth mentioning that Frank Darabont, who directed and created the first two seasons of the blockbuster television series “The Walking Dead,” refused to participate on the sequel. Although this happened a few years after the filming of The Mist.

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