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What Happens at The End of Coming to America 2: Whom Does Akeem Choose as His Successor?

A sequel to Coming to America, Coming 2 America is a 2021 American romantic comedy starring Eddie Murphy and directed by Craig Brewer, from a screenplay written by Kenya Barris, Barry W. Blaustein and David Sheffield, and a story written by Blaustein, Sheffield, and Justin Kanew based on characters created by Murphy in the 1988 original.

With Arsenio Hall and Jermaine Fowler and KiKi Layne and Shari Headley and Teyana Taylor and Wesley Snipes and James Earl Jones as well as Tracy Morgan. Louie Anderson reprised his role as Maurice in Coming 2 America, his final film performance before his death in 2022.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the film’s distribution rights were sold to Amazon Studios instead of Paramount Pictures, who had planned to release it in theatres. March 4, 2021 was the date it was made available on Amazon Prime Video.

Critics were split on the movie Coming 2 America. The film was nominated for Best Makeup and Hairstyling at the 94th Academy Awards, just like its predecessor.


  • As Prince Akeem, Eddie Murphy stars in the film.
  • Second, we have Arsenio Hall, playing Semmi.
  • King Jaffe Joffer is played by James Earl Jones in the third instalment.
  • Queen Lisa is played by actress Shari Headley.
  • Jermaine Fowler in the role of Lavelle
  • Mary Junson, played by Leslie Jones
  • 7. Uncle Reem Tracy Morgan
  • Eighth: Princess Meeka KiKi Layne
  • Gen. Izzi is played by Wesley Snipes.

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What Happens at The End of Coming to America 2

what happens at the end of coming to america 2

Once in Zamunda, Lavelle Makes an Effort at Learning the Customs of His Father’s Native Land. His Liberal Upbringing in New York, on The Other Hand, Is so Deeply Engrained in Him that He Finds His New Responsibilities Oppressive and Absurd.

Lavelle Infuses a New York Flair to His Princely Conduct After Mirembe (nomzamo Mbatha) Tells Him the Narrative of Akeem’s Journey to America to Find Love, and That Alters Everything.

When Lavelle’s Uncle, Reem (tracy Morgan), Arrives in Zamunda, He Brings a Certain Casual Understanding that Lavelle Has Sadly Missed from His Mother Mary (leslie Jones). Lavelle Begins to Truly Embody the Responsibilities of A Prince and Meets All of The Criteria Necessary to Succeed His Father as The Heir Apparent.

It’s Possible that Akeem Never Intended for Him to Be His Father’s Child, but That Doesn’t Matter in The Long Run. General Izzi’s Daughter, the Woman Intended for Lavelle, Is Clearly Not Appropriate for Him, and So He Instead Picks Mirembe.

Reverend Brown’s (hall) Shady Church Is Where They Attempt to Be Married After Eloping. Before Recognizing that He Is to Blame, Akeem Arrives and Attempts to Persuade His Son to Come Back with Him.

The Wedding of Lavelle and Mirembe Is Held in Zamunda, with The Attendance of Both of Lavelle’s Families. Lavelle Doesn’t Inherit His Father’s Crown, but He Does Inherit His Father’s Passionate Soul.

When Lavelle Goes on Trial, Meeka Tries to Put Aside Her Feelings of Resentment and Jealousy for The Sake of Helping Him. and They Form a True Sibling Relationship as A Result.

Meeka Is the One Who Stands up To General Izzi when He Comes Hunting for His Daughter’s Future Husband. It Is up To the Eldest Princess of Zamunda to Assume Command After Her Brother Has Fled the Country and Her Father Has Been Killed in An Attack.

Upon His Return, Akeem Selects Meeka as His Successor, Ending the Long Tradition in Favour of A Candidate with The Best Qualifications. Throughout the Film, Zamunda’s Social Awkwardness Is Often Demonstrated. It’s Certain that Things Will Alter Dramatically Under the Rule of Queen Meeka.

A Synopsis of The Coming to America Plot

what happens at the end of coming to america 2

On His First Trip to The U.S. in Quest of A Soul Mate, Prince Akeem Joffer (eddie Murphy) Meets Queens, New York Native Lisa Mc Dowell (shari Headley). Both of Them Have Given Birth to Three Well-Behaved Daughters: Princesses Meeka, Ommo, or Ommo (kikiki Layne), and Princess Tinashe (bella Murphy) (akiley Love).

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Akeem, Despite His Affection for His Daughters, Has Grown Almost as Conformist as His Father, King Jaffe Joffer, Due to The Country’s Intrinsic Conservatism and The Responsibilities He Has as Crown Prince (james Earl Jones).

On Top of The Mounting Pressure from Zamunda’s Militaristic Neighbour Nextdoria and Its Leader General Izzi (wesley Snipes), Akeem Learns that He Has an Unborn Son in Queen, Conceived After an Intoxicating One-Night Encounter in The Midst of His Father’s Failing Health.

Soon After His Father’s Demise, Akeem (arsenio Hall) Returns to America with His Childhood Buddy Semmi (james Franco) in An Attempt to Bring Back Akeem’s Lone Son and Thereby Guarantee the Line of Succession for Akeem’s Family.

When It Comes to Dealing with The Expectations that Come with Being a Prince of A Traditional Nation Like Zamunda, the Newly Discovered Prince Lavelle Junson (jermaine Fowler) Is as Headstrong and Independent as Akeem Was During His Rebellious Phase. Add Meeka’s Rising Displeasure with Her Father to The Mix.

She’s Spent her entire life honing her skills in order to succeed Akeem. The fact that her father would rather spend time with a son he just learned about, rather than her, hurts her deeply. In her heart of hearts, she believes that he is a better person than his ancestors.

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