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Hellblade Ending Explained: Gameplay, Plot and Everything You Need to Know!

Ninja Theory, based in the United Kingdom, created and released the action-adventure game Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. Celtic mythology and Norse mythology are incorporated into the game’s dark fantasy setting, which follows Pict warrior Senua as she journeys to Helheim to save the spirit of her deceased lover from the goddess Hela.

It was released in August 2017 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series X and Series S in April 2018 and August 2021, respectively. Hellblade was updated in 2018 to include virtual reality capabilities.

A commercial success, Hellblade was also well-received by critics who complimented its artistic merits and praised its uncommon focus on insanity, as well as the film’s writing, plot, and central character.

Juergens’ performance and the entire presentation of the game were also regarded superior to independent titles, despite some criticism of its gameplay and other aspects. By the end of June 2018, the game has sold over a million copies on all platforms. As part of this year’s Game Awards, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II was unveiled.


In Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Senua can move around freely and interact with her environment in the first type of gameplay. Senua’s journey from one location to another, or the completion of a puzzle or challenge in order to proceed farther, is the emphasis of these sections.

To set off puzzle-related occurrences, she can make use of a capacity known as “focus,” which refers to her condition’s tendency to see things differently than other people.

A recollection of her buddy Druth telling her about the stories of the Norsemen is triggered by activating all 44 totems in the game; triggering all 44 totems enables a bonus cutscene that expands on Druth’s narrative. Senua’s focus skill can be used to alter the structure of her environment in some locations, such as reaching the safe zone before she dies.

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Hellblade's bizarre ending will make you question what's real | VentureBeat

When all is said and done, Senua comes to the realization that she cannot save Dillion’s soul and that he is truly dead. Her final confrontation was with the Shadow, who was in many ways her biological father.

Senua realizes that Zynbel was unable to comprehend the madness that plagued her and her mother at this moment. She emerges from the darkness and the voices diminish when she realizes that Dillion is gone and there is no hope of redeeming his soul.

It is only when we see Senua on top of a cliff that we realize that Dillion is dead and that his soul cannot be salvaged or regenerated. That Senua’s fiercest opponent was Hela is essentially admitting that Senua’s toughest opponent was herself all along. After Dillion’s head is knocked to the ground, we realize it’s Senua.

Dillion’s head falls to the depths below in this place, which is all that remains of the Northmen catastrophe. The madness that tormented her throughout the game is now gone as she leaves this area. Despite the fact that Senua’s voices persist, she is better able to cope with the events of the journey and push the madness to the back of her mind.

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hellblade ending explained

When Senua arrives at the Helheim border, she is looking to save the spirit of her dead boyfriend, Dillion (Oliver Walker), from the goddess Hela, who has kidnapped him.

The Narrator (Chipo Chung), who is aware of the player’s presence and frequently breaks the fourth wall to speak directly to them, believes Senua is cursed with the ability to hear the voices of spirits she refers to as “Furies” in her thoughts. The Darkness (Steven Hartley), an evil force at the heart of the curse, pursues her.

A year of self-imposed exile led to her meeting Druth (Nicholas Boulton), an ex-slave of the Norsemen who was well-versed in their mythology and became a companion and mentor to her. She uses Dillion’s severed head as a vessel for his soul.

A series of challenges await Senua on her journey to Helheim; she faces off against the flaming monster Surt and the god of delusion Valravn before being ambushed by Hela, who shatters her blade in the process. Senua contemplates suicide after the meeting but instead cuts herself on the blade of her shattered sword.

Druth and a man-shaped light she believes to be Dillion lead her to a great tree, where she faces four trials that test her body, spirit, and mind, and is rewarded with the fabled sword Gramr, a weapon powerful enough to kill Hela.

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