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School Daze Ending Explained: What Does Dap Mean by His Last Dialogue? 

Cult classic Hollywood film School Daze deals with the concerns of colorism, hair-texture bias, classism, and elitism in African American society, particularly at universities. Though it was released in 1988, the film is not, in fact, a musical comedy. Many of the film’s key sequences were inspired by Spike Lee’s own college experience at Morehouse, which took place in the Atlanta University Center. School Daze’s plot centers around a fraternity-sorority conflict immediately before Homecoming Weekend.

In-School Daze’s Plot?

School Daze Ending Explained

For Vaughan Dunlap (better known as Dap) it’s all about politics at the historically black Mission College. He organizes anti-apartheid demonstrations at the university where he studies. Julian Dean, the head of the Gamma Phi fraternity on campus, also gets into a squirmish with him during the homecoming week. Darrel, Dap’s younger cousin, and the newest Gamma Phi member has been ordered to bring a girl to the fraternity house. They are, however, incapable of doing so.

Sorority Gamma Rays are led by Jane Toussaint, Julian’s lover and the antithesis of Gamma Phi. Rachel Meadows, the girlfriend of Dap’s best friend Rachel Meadows, has straightened her hair, unlike her fellow students. This causes a lot of animosity between them because of their differing hair textures and political views.

There is a rift between Dap and Rachel about her desire to join a sorority. Dap gets into a brawl with the Gamma Phi during the homecoming procession. For his activism to continue, he is threatened with dismissal by the authorities. When Julian confronts Dap about Darrel’s pledge task, Dap gets into another argument with the latter. Another ruckus breaks out between Gamma Phi and Dap during the Greek step-up show. Later, Dap makes another attempt to make amends with Rachel.

Is the End of School Daze Explained?

School Daze Ending Explained

Some of Darell’s most difficult initiation chores must be completed just days before the school’s big homecoming party. The Gamma Phi fraternity still accepts them as members. The Gammas hold their own party at the homecoming dance. Julian, on the other hand, coerces Jane into having sex with Darell. In the end, he breaks up with her and leaves. As soon as Darrel arrives and informs Dap of this, Dap explodes with rage.

As a result of the homecoming dance’s questionable events, the following morning, Dap awakens the entire college. Tearfully, Julian makes his way to Dap’s side. To the spectators’ dismay, Dap breaks the fourth wall by saying, “Please Wake Up.”. To Mission College and around the country, he hints at the wrongdoings that have been taking place. In addition, he raises awareness of topics such as racism, sexism, and elitism, and challenges the audience to take action.

Who Were the Gama Rays in School Daze?

This sorority is Gamma Rays’ counterpart to Gamma Phi. These are some of the most exclusive fraternity and sorority homes on the Mission College campus. They regarded themselves as members of an exclusive club and avoided interacting with anyone who wasn’t one of them.

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