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Is Kwite Gay? American YouTuber’s Sexuality May Shock You!

Kwite is an American YouTuber and podcaster who makes commentaries like Pyrocynical and WildSpartanz.

Early Years

Is Kwite Gay

Tyler Gadner Wirkz was born in the United States on March 30, 2000. His comedy and commentary videos on his YouTube channel, which used to be called “TheCentralCarnage” but is now called “Kwite,” have gained him a huge number of fans. The channel already has a good number of subscribers and an incredible number of views.

“Why You Can’t Win Against a Content Cop” and “The Creepiest Guys on Reddit – r/creepypms Top Posts | Ft.” are two of the most popular videos on the channel. He is also well-known on other social media sites like Instagram and Twitter, where he has a large number of followers.

He and fellow “YouTubers” FPS DIESEL and WildSpartanz also host a podcast called “Loud Mouths.” Other “YouTubers” sometimes join them. Kwite has kept a mysterious air around him, and he often wears a green hoodie, sunglasses, and a surgical mask over his face when he goes out.

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Is Kwite Gay?

Is Kwite Gay

No, Kwite is Not Gay, Kwite is Openly Bisexual. Kwite says that he is in a relationship with Five Nights at Freddy’s character Springtrap. He has held fanart contests and given away free stuff.

The member of Discord who drew the best KwiteTrap fanart would win. Some fans have even drawn Mpreg (Male Pregnancy) fanart of Kwite, usually with Springtrap as the “Father.”

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How Kwite Became Famous?

Is Kwite Gay

On December 2, 2012, Kwite set up his YouTube channel. His first channel was called TheCentralCarnage. On it, he did gaming skits and a tour of his house. All of his old videos have been made private or taken down since then. Why You Can’t Win Against a Content Cop” is the first video by Kwite that can be seen.

Kwite used to wear a green hoodie, but now he wears a hoodie from his website that sells merchandise. He wears a surgical mask and sunglasses, and in his videos, he used to carry strange things.

The reason for this is unknown right now, but FPS Diesel and BluesDank have said in the past that it’s because of acne. In Episode 16 of the Loud Mouths podcast, he said that he is Asian. On August 17, 2022, he said that he is half-Filipino and half-American on his Twitch stream.

On March 9, 2018, he and WildSpartanz, and FPS DIESEL do a podcast called Loud Mouths. The podcast is mostly about other YouTubers, scandals on YouTube, news, and mainstream media. Sometimes, other YouTubers will join them on the podcast. Once a week, a new episode comes out. The Loud Mouths Podcast is no longer putting out new episodes.

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Let’s Take a Closer Look Into Kwite’s Personal Life!

Is Kwite Gay

On June 10, 2019, Slazo’s ex-girlfriend Chey posted a TwitLonger in which she said that Slazo had sexually abused and used her. People liked the post because they agreed with Chey and wanted Slazo to end. Kwite was one of those people.

On June 27, however, Slazo published a video exposing the majority of Chey’s assertions, in which she lied and misrepresented the context. Many people would forgive Slazo, but Kwite stated he wasn’t sure what he thought of the video and needed to consider it further before reaching a conclusion. This post garnered varied reactions.

People found out after the apology that Kwite was part of a group that was trying to get Slazo kicked off the internet. Chey, ImAllexx, Weest, Squizzy, KingAni, and others were among these people. Kwite talked with Squizzy and Chey on Discord about posting a different version of the document.

This was one of the leaks that got out. Because of what they did to Slazo and how they felt about him, many people, including Kwite, would go after these creators. On July 29, Kwite put up a Twitlonger in which he apologized for what he had said in the group, saying that he had been angry and rash.

He said that he still backs Chey and Slazo, but he isn’t sure what his final thoughts are on the drama. Most of Kwite’s fans let him off the hook and liked how grown-up he acted.

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