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12 Feet Deep Ending Explained: Do Bree and Jonna Survive?

In 2017, when it was released, the independent horror-thriller 12 Feet Deep was completely overshadowed by other films like Wonder Woman. The film follows two sisters who, for some reason, manage to become stranded for the entire weekend under the shadow of a public swimming pool.

In their struggle to stay alive, the girls encounter both natural and interpersonal obstacles that keep viewers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

Jonna and Bree, two sisters, seem to have a tense relationship on the surface, and the tensions only escalate once they are separated in the pool. The building’s janitor found their predicament and seemed like a potential savior at first, but then she began tormenting them instead.

However, things get even worse when Bree confesses that she, too, was diagnosed with diabetes while Jonna was in rehabilitation. Bree could go into a diabetic coma if she doesn’t get her insulin shot on time.

In the final moments of 12 Feet Deep, we learn what happens to both ladies and how this event will shape their futures. What follows is a summary of the events that occur in the third and final act of this independent horror film.

Do Bree and Jonna Survive in 12 Feet Deep?

Bree and Jonna discover a tiny hole in the fiberglass exterior while checking for potential weak places.
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12 feet deep ending explained

Bree’s engagement ring becomes caught in the pool grate, but she realizes she can grab it and shove it through the opening in the hopes of creating a larger gap through which they may escape.

Jonna musters the guts to swim to the pool’s depths and recover the grate as Bree’s condition suddenly deteriorates.
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She manages to force it through the opening in the cover, enlarging it enough to pull herself and Bree out.

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Bree and Jonna first meet at 12 Feet Deep at an Aquatic Center. But Clara, the center’s janitor, is told to leave her position and close the pool by the center.
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Having been caught stealing from a center staff member, she was let go. The pool is closed and everyone must leave.

In light of this news, Bree and Jonna pack their bags and prepare to go. Finally, Bree decides to show Jonna the ring she’s been keeping hidden. But she soon learns her mistake. To get it back, she and Jonna dive back into the water.

The pool cover is pulled up as soon as the girls take a few steps back, trapping Bree and Jonna within.

Bree and Jonna both cry out for assistance, but no one seems to hear them. Jonna admits she was jealous of Bree and threw her engagement ring into the water. Bree’s wrath toward her fades, and she eventually is able to forgive Jonna.

When Clara, the former pool cleaner, sees the girls, she takes notice. However, she abandons them and makes off with their possessions rather than offering assistance.

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The Real Meaning of 12 Feet Deep’s Ending

12 Feet Deep is a unique twist on the monster film genre because it focuses on the protagonist’s struggle with their own inner demons. Because of their father’s abuse, the daughters’ lives and relationships suffered greatly.

They learn just how much it affected them by the talks they had while trapped. Within the context of those discussions, it became clear that Bree had contributed to their father’s death by claiming, “she killed the monster.”

At the very end of the movie, a stunned Bree confronts Jonna and demands to know how Jonna recovered her engagement ring. “I destroyed the monster,” she proclaimed. This also supports the idea that she was responsible for the death of the housekeeper.

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The sisters are able to begin the process of healing once they eliminate the monsters in their lives that are only symbols. Due to the film’s conclusive nature, 12 Feet Deep fans probably won’t be expecting a sequel any time soon.

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