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“You Are Hungry and You Are Sleeping ” Ridge Answer Discussed!

As more and more people become interested, let’s get the “you are sleeping, and you are hungry” riddle solution explained. It’s a well-liked one!

Looking back, many people faced the challenge of spending more time at home than ever before in 2020.

Many people were unavoidably forced to develop new interests and engage in activities they normally wouldn’t do or wouldn’t do as frequently.

Things like cooking, gardening, and binge-watching TV box sets came in handy, but perhaps more surprisingly, riddles did.

Some people decided to post puzzles and riddles on social media, with some examples performing exceptionally well.

Riddles are still popular today, with one recently gaining notoriety. So, let us get to the answer to the puzzle “You are sleeping and hungry.”

Here is the Riddle!

Here is the complete riddle before we reveal the resolution:

you are sleeping and you are hungry answer

Before you scroll down, please give it some more thought…

Still haven’t got it?

So, no need to worry! The riddle has some variations, but the solution is always the same.

You Are Hungry, and You Are Sleeping Riddle Reply

  • “Your eyes,” is the answer.

Of course, you have to wake up first before you can find your way to the kitchen and start munching.

Listing the ingredients confuses you and makes you think about which food item you would grab first when putting together a snack.

But it’s a lot simpler than that!

After addressing that, let’s think about a different riddle. I broke two, fried two, and consumed two of my six eggs. What number of eggs remain?

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