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Samsung Notifications Not Showing on Lock Screen: How To Solve This Issue?

Following closely behind social media, notifications are the greatest invention of all time. There is more to push notifications than just product promotion. As users, we rely on it to keep us apprised of developments outside of our immediate sphere of activity.

Thanks to notifications, we don’t have to waste time online reading meaningless messages. In addition, certain smartphones now allow you to scroll through your alerts without unlocking the device. When your phone lights up, you’ll know exactly who texted you.

It’s a handy tool for quickly scanning messages and responding to those that really matter. However, on some Samsung handsets, the alerts are not displaying on the lock screen. It’s possible that this issue will spread to other gadgets. Here, though, we’ll focus on the issue that Samsung customers are experiencing.

If your Samsung device’s notifications aren’t displaying on the lock screen, try these troubleshooting steps.

Fixes for Samsung Notifications Not Showing on Lock Screen:

Check Notification Settings:

Samsung notifications not showing on lock screen: Fixes & Workarounds

Any adjustments you’ve made to your phone’s privacy settings will have an effect on alerts. Just type “Privacy settings” into your device’s settings menu. Find Notifications under the personalization menu. All the options related to alerts can be adjusted here. Let any app you want to send you notifications appear on your lock screen. In any case, this ought to solve the issue.

To re-enable notifications on the lock screen, simply turn the switch to the off position. To enable notifications, navigate to Settings > Lockscreen. You may find that this resets your option and resolves the problem.

Check Sound Settings:

Turning on “Silent Mode” or “DND” in your device’s settings will silence all alerts. If your Samsung phone is on any one of these sound modes, change it to normal. Putting your Samsung cellphone back to its default sound settings should get alerts showing up on the lock screen again.

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Turn on Notifications for An App:

Notifications for individual apps won’t show up on your Samsung device’s lock screen if you didn’t provide the necessary rights while setting them up. You can access the app’s settings by opening it and selecting “Settings” from the menu.

Now, navigate to your device’s settings and look for the Notifications section. Make sure the app can send you notifications. A prompt will appear, asking if you wish to grant the app permission to use the device’s notifications system. When you fix your device’s lock screen notifications by selecting “Allow,” you’ll see them as intended.

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Restart Device:

In many cases, this issue can be resolved by simply restarting the system to clear out any temporary files or minor system errors. Your best bet is to restart your Samsung and let it some more time to settle down before you do anything else. Expected app notifications should now appear on the lock screen.

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Cause of Notifications Not Showing up On Android

  • There Are a Number of Potential Reasons Why Your Android Device Isn’t Sending You Notifications.
  • It’s in Airplane Mode or Set to “do Not Disturb.”
  • Either the Operating System or The App Is Preventing Notifications from Being Sent.
  • It appears that Apps Are Unable to Retrieve Notification Alerts Due to Power or Data Settings.
  • An App May Freeze, Crash, or Fail to Provide Notifications if The Os It Relies on Is Outdated.
  • Problems with Notifications Not Appearing Might Arise at Any Time, and They Aren’t Always Easy to Track Out.

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