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Post Malone: is He Gay? His Love Life in Detail in 2022

Austin Richard Post is the real name of the American rapper, singer, and songwriter known professionally as Post Malone.

He is from the United States. He will be 26 years old this year.

Malone’s career as a musician began in 2013, but 2015 was the year that catapulted him into the public eye and garnered him global acclaim.

On the Billboard charts in the United States, many of his songs have debuted at number one at various points.

In addition, he is the winner of a significant number of music prizes and has been nominated for an equal number of Grammys and Billboard Music Awards.

One of the questions that are asked the most frequently about Malone is going to have its solution provided in this essay.

Is it accurate to say that Post Malone is a homosexual? We are going to look into this, and while we’re at it, we’re going to talk to him about his dating life right now.

Post Malone, on the other hand, does not consider himself to be gay.

He is a parent, and even though he is currently in a relationship, he has even indicated that he is now engaged even though he already has a child.

It was earlier hypothesized that Malone is romantically connected with the South Korean musician MLMA in the year 2021.

Malone, on the other hand, has not denied nor confirmed rumours that he is romantically involved with MLMA.

Is Post Malone Gay?

Malone is not gay, despite the widespread belief that he is; yet, there is not a great deal of publicly available information about his sexual orientation.


The question is, though, where did these rumours originate in the first place? To tell you the truth, it began when several individuals proposed that he appear on “Queer Eye.” This program has a significant following, and it also acts as a symbol for the LGBTQ community.

Fans of Sunflower expressed a significant amount of enthusiasm at the possibility of the singer appearing on the program.

Even Karamo Brown contemplated the notion, as seen by a tweet that she tweeted, and she theorized that Post Malone may have asked to be a guest on the show.

The tweet is evidence that Karamo Brown explored the possibility. In a subsequent statement, Malone provided an explanation in which he stated that he did not ask for it and that, rather, he believed that he was an unattractive guy.

People began to speculate about Malone’s sexual orientation when it was proposed that he make an appearance on Queer Eye because he is a well-known rap rapper.

It was suggested that he make an appearance on the show.

On the show Queer Eye, homosexual fashion designers help people who are less fortunate by giving them “makeovers.”

Because Malone has never had a romantic relationship with a guy, the likelihood that he is gay is quite low.

On the other side, he has been in romantic relationships with other women, one of which being with Ashlen Diaz.

He has also been in romantic relationships with other women.

Malone is also thought to be gay because he keeps his personal life, including his romantic relationships, a closely guarded secret.

The rapper may be gay because he hasn’t gone out about his sexual orientation; nevertheless, this is a highly improbable situation considering that he is engaged and has a daughter.

The possibility that the rapper is gay is that he hasn’t spoken out about his sexual orientation.

Post Malone’s Fiance: Who is She?

There is no information available on Post Malone’s personal life because the rapper is known for keeping his business and personal life apart, as was said earlier.


On the other hand, a significant number of people think that Jamie is Malone’s future wife.

Despite this, not one of them has come forward to formally confirm the reports.

In January 2021, Post Malone and Jamie, the woman he was dating at the time, were seen going about their day in West Hollywood.

In addition to that, they were observed spending time with Malone’s family, and Jamie was photographed doing so.

After then, it appears that several individuals assaulted her because they are under the impression that Jamie deleted her social media accounts.

However, probably, she did so to conceal the fact that she was pregnant.

In a later interview with TMZ, Malone confirmed that he is a father.

The man remarked, “I’ve been miserable for as long as I can remember, but I’m happier than I’ve ever been right now.”

He went on to say that he is looking forward to the next stage of his life. It is time for me to take care of my health, my family, and my friends, while also sharing as much love as we can each day with as many people as we can.

Separation From Ashlen Diaz

Post Malone’s ex-girlfriend, Ashlen Diaz, and he were in a relationship for almost three years before it ended in discord in 2018.

During that time, they were together for a total of over three years.

At the beginning of 2015, she and Post Malone were brought together for the very first time in a nightclub in the city of Dallas, Texas.

Around the same time that Ashlen started working as a music promoter, the couple began dating one another.

whereas Ashlen was an essential part of Malone’s success and helped him achieve previously impossible heights of achievement.

Malone remarked that “it would be difficult to have a relationship with him due to his rigorous schedule” in an interview with The Breakfast Club.


This statement was made by Malone in response to a question from The Breakfast Club regarding his packed schedule.

Additionally, during several question-and-answer sessions with Post Malone fans, Diaz revealed that the two of them had previously broken up on many occasions before getting back together.

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Rumors were circulating in 2020 that Post Malone was involved in a romantic relationship with the famous Korean TikTok musician “I Love Me A lot.” (MLMA).

It was when she uploaded several photographs and videos with Post Malone on her Instagram and TikTok accounts that she stoked rumours of a romantic relationship between the two.

The fact that none of them commented on the matter, however, prevented it from ever becoming clear whether or not they were dating.

It is irrelevant whether or not they were dating at this time because it appears that their relationship has come to an end, and as was stated earlier, it is believed that Malone is engaged to Jamie.

Therefore, it is unlikely that they were dating.

“I did makeup on the sweetest face,” MLMA wrote as the caption for a snapshot of Post Malone from 2020 that was posted to Instagram.

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