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The Watcher Ending Explained: Get All You Want to Know About the Movie!

In light of Nora and Dean Brannock’s current predicament, what does “the end” even mean? At first, it was a matter of feeling comfortable and secure or maybe even showing off your social position, by having a large house out in the suburbs, away from the chaos of the city. The story ended there. However, that was just the start of things.

Knowing who was at fault, who was forcing the family out of their house for no apparent cause, became important to “the end.” As the expenses of the investigation and ordeal accumulated, “the end” came to mean either financial freedom or bankruptcy. If the Brannocks were unable to determine who was responsible, they would still have something of value from which to walk away and lick their wounds.

However, the Brannocks were unable to sell 657 Boulevard, so they moved out. Therefore, “the end” may be defined as forgetting what they ever were. They don’t have to worry about bills because Nora’s painting is becoming popular. However, Dean refuses to believe that.

To him, it’s as if they trod on the snake’s head at the top of the board and wound up back at the beginning. He is so intent on learning what happened or, failing that, exacting retribution, that he has been sending letters signed as “The Watcher” to his former neighbors.

Watcher (2022) Ending Explained

She chooses to look into it because her curiosity has gotten the best of her. She walks into the flat and sees Irina’s body propped up on a chair, without her head.

Before she could scream, Daniel smothers her with the plastic bag he was carrying.

the watcher ending explained

The first thing she remembers after waking up is the sight of Daniel’s shadow hovering over her. While telling the story of how he killed Irina, Daniel admits that he and Irina were hiding in the closet when Julia and the landlady visited a few days before.

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Julia tries to scream when she hears Francis approaching their flat, but Daniel cuts her throat before she can. With blood dripping down her neck, she makes a futile attempt to crawl to the coffee table, where Irina keeps the revolver. Daniel crouches down to watch her pass out.

Francis tries looking for Julia in her apartment but is unsuccessful and instead contacts her on her cell phone. Irina’s apartment doorbell rings, and he follows the sound to the hallway, where he finds Daniel leaving the building.

Francis and Daniel lock eyes, but before he can do anything, Daniel is shot many times in the back.

When he twisted and fell to the ground, Daniel’s final sight was of a bloodied Julia holding the revolver she used to kill him. Francis walks closer to the gruesome scene in horror, and Julia, now dressed in blood, glances at him as if to say, “I told you so,” before the screen goes black.

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Watcher (2022) Critical Analysis and Themes Explained

The movie is deliberately paced to convey Julia’s (a fantastic Maika Monroe) state of mind as she is terrorized by the unknown stalker. The movie also makes an effort to examine the gaslighting that her partner and others in her life experienced.

Living in a distant place where one does not speak the language and does not understand the culture adds to this sense of alienation. Maika’s isolation and fear are only compounded when the one person she has ever become close to, her neighbor Irina, is murdered.

This is why the finale is not just a great example of cliché subversion but also a means by which Maika regains her confidence and escapes the existential ennui that has plagued her since the film’s inception.

The two different forms of stares that torment Julia is depicted in Watcher (2022). The residents of the city stare at her with an aggressive interest, equating her with superficial attributes and her anxieties, and not making any further effort to get to know her on a deeper level than is absolutely necessary.

The second glance (the only positive example) is the one she shares with her friend Irina, a woman she meets when she realizes she is also lonely and they make a pact to watch out for each other. She is mercilessly robbed of the promise of female solidarity, but in the end, she exacts her revenge.

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The movie could have been great if only it were timed better and the script was more concise. This is Chloe Okuno’s first feature film, and it’s a fascinating one, despite the fact that it relies a little too much on Hitchcockian tropes.

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