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Andor Season 1 Episode 8: Date of Release, Start Time, and Overall Structure of the Star Wars Show

Since Cassian has been taken into custody, should we get ready for an exciting jailbreak in the near future similar to the one that Luke Skywalker pulled off?

After what appeared to be an intriguing postscript to the massive robbery that took place in Episode 6, Andor is currently preparing for yet another incredible journey in Episode 8.

As a result of the shocking occurrences that came to a head at the conclusion of Episode 7, the Star Wars character of Cassian Andor, who is portrayed by Diego Luna, has a lot of ground to make up before he can go back to fighting with the rebels.

Despite the fact that we do not have a lot of information about the future of the Star Wars series at this moment, we are certain that it will be exciting.

What do we know about the eighth episode of Andor at this moment, and how did we arrive to this point in the story?

As an additional question, do you happen to know what time the eighth episode of Andor will be made accessible to view on Disney+? It’s possible that this is the most crucial question of all.

The content that is about to be shown to you will supply you with all of the knowledge that you desire.

THE Andor Episode 8 Release Date?

On October 26, 2022, the eighth episode of Andor will be made available to viewers who have a subscription to the streaming service Disney+. Subscribers to Disney+ will get access to this episode when it is released.


Andor Season 1 Episode 8 Plot

At the conclusion of Episode 7, we saw Cassian receive a wrongful conviction and a jail sentence of six years for civic disruption, anti-Imperial speech, and other fabricated charges.

He was also ordered to perform community service. It will be interesting to see how the penal system works under the Galactic Empire as well as who he might meet while he is serving his sentence in the dungeon. Additionally, it will be interesting to see who he might meet.

The fact that Vel Sartha is now tasked with finding the talented spy presents the possibility of a fascinating opportunity for a storyline involving a prison break, which is something that the franchise does very well.

In addition, the fact that Vel Sartha is now tasked with finding the talented spy presents the possibility of a fascinating opportunity for a storyline. Will Vel carry out her wicked orders and make an attempt to assassinate Cassian, or will she free him instead of rescuing him from the hands of the Empire?

After just delivering a scathing rebuttal to Supervisor Blevin, the ambitious Dedra Meero now has momentum in her quest to identify patterns in the movements of the resistance on Ferrix and beyond.


She just recently delivered the rebuttal to Supervisor Blevin. After her successful counterattack, she is feeling quite smug about herself. In addition, we have not given up hope that Syril Karn, who is currently working in an uninteresting cubicle at the Bureau of Standards, may in some way help with her quest for Cassian and unearth further members of the rebel scum.

Also, will Cassian keep hunting for his sister after she went missing after they were separated?

When you think about it, doesn’t this seem like the perfect opportunity to unmask Saw Gerrera and let them listen to one of his rousing speeches to get everyone on board with the resistance cause?

Andor Season 1 Episode 8 Cast

In addition to Genevieve O’Reilly as Mon Mothma, Stellan Skarsgaard as Luthen Rael, Adria Arjona as Bix Caleen, and Denise Gough as Supervisor, the amazing multinational cast is headlined by Diego Luna as Cassian Andor.

Denise Gough also takes on the position of the Supervisor in this show. Alongside Dedra Meero, Faye Marsay as Vel Sartha, Kyle Soller as Syril Karn, and Fiona Shaw as Maarva, Forest Whitaker plays the role of the badass. Other cast members include Maarva played by Fiona Shaw.

Is There a Trailer for Andor Episode 8?

In order to sate our hunger without leaving us wanting more, Disney generally refrains from releasing any post-credit excerpts, episode teasers, or summaries of subsequent chapters in their films.

The crux of the matter is that Disney does not provide any after-credits scenes or snippets of any type.

Watching the official trailer for the series, which will get you in the mood for suspense and will give you a taste of the tremendous power of this Rogue One prequel series, is something you can do at any time if you want to get a taste of the incredible power that this Rogue One prequel series possesses.

If you want to learn more about the incredible power that this Rogue One prequel series possesses, you should watch the trailer.


How Many Episodes of Andor Are Left?

The first season of Andor, which will be made available on Disney+, will consist of a total of twelve episodes when it premieres later this year.

The next chapter, which will be released the following week, will bring the total number of episodes to just four. This will bring the total number of chapters to five.

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The adventure of Andor, which covers the early phases of the founding of the Rebel Alliance, would very probably be continued for a second season, as stated by Tony Gilroy, the show’s writer and creator (The Bourne Series).

The film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which was released in 2016, depicts the terrible history of the rebel spy reaching its climax when he is recruited for the suicidal mission to steal the designs for the Death Star.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was released in 2016. The movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has a scene depicting this occurrence.

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