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How to Choose a Vape Mod: Ultimate Buying Guide

Of all available vaping devices on the market, vape mods are the biggest and most potent vaping systems. They are most popular with seasoned vapers as their size allows you to get more battery power and generate massive vapor clouds.

These devices are called mods because vape enthusiasts weren’t satisfied with the small vape pens and started modifying those using extra batteries from flashlights or other devices. Vape manufacturers simply met the needs of vapers and produced box mods that are more powerful and allow for further customization.

Buying a mod can be challenging with so many varieties out there, so it’s important to get to know the device properties that will suit your personal needs and vaping requirements. Let’s go through the basic features that will help you find the best vape mod.

Vape Mod Battery System

Looking for the best box mods online today is not easy, as countless options exist. For starters, they can come with a built-in or removable battery.

Removable Battery

A removable battery means that you can replace it once it stops working. Another option is to use rechargeable batteries that you can charge with a standard or bay charger for multiple batteries.

Lithium batteries can be recharged about 250-300 times, which means they can last for years with average device use. Also, you won’t have to replace the whole vape mod once they go out of order, but simply buy new ones.

An additional benefit for outdoorsy or passionate vapers is that you can always carry a spare set of batteries with you in case you run out of power.

Also, there are box mods that use two batteries which allows them to work at very high wattages, such as 200 watts and more. If you wish to play with your mod, make bigger coils and try to produce more vapor, then you might have to use a dual-battery mod.

Built-In Battery

Box vapes with a built-in battery are usually smaller and lighter. They are also less costly and simpler to use. With a built-in battery mod, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your system.

If you are new to vaping, you could start with this type of mod and see if you have the patience to replace and charge extra batteries later.

Vape Mods Categories

Vape mods fall into two main categories: regulated and unregulated box mod systems.

Regulated Vape Mods

Regulated box mods have a chip that controls the power of the batteries. It is a safety feature that prevents short-circuit accidents like an electric shock or fire and allows you to change the wattage or voltage.

Regulated vape mods have a screen where you can see all the information about the device at work and access a settings menu. They are perfect for new and occasional vapers.

Unregulated Vape Mods

Unregulated box mods don’t have a chip for power regulating but allow complete transfer of the battery power to the atomizer. There is no settings display that will let you adjust your wattage, so it all depends on the battery voltage and coil resistance.

This makes unregulated vape mods somewhat unsafe to use. It takes an experienced user with knowledge of battery safety to operate this type of mod, so it isn’t recommended for novice vapers.

Temperature Control

Temperature control is a specific feature of box mods that improves the vaping experience. It allows the power to go straight to the coil, so it heats up more quickly and never lets it go over the preset temperature.

When you press the button to start vaping, it takes a few moments before the coil heats up to optimum temperature. You will need to draw a few times before the coil reaches the right temperature and heats the e-liquid.

Temperature control prevents dry hits and lets you draw consistently as the temperature stays the same all the time.

Coil Resistance

Vape mods have a limit on the coil resistance, and vape coils generally have an ohm range of 2.4 – 2.8, which enables you to produce more vapor and feel the flavor more intensely. In general, low-ohm vape coils use more e-liquid and battery power than high ohms.

When vapers choose or build a coil with less than 1 ohm resistance, it is called sub-ohm vaping. It produces massive vapor clouds and gives you an intense feeling of flavor. If you are interested in cloud chasing, you will need a sub-ohm box mod that is compatible with low-ohm coils.

Sub-ohm vaping is preferred by seasoned vapers, so if you’re new to vaping, start with a regular ohm range coil and slowly build the vapor size.

Wattage Range

In most cases, the wattage is fixed, but there are box mods that let you adjust the wattage, which goes to the coil. These are called variable wattage mods. Simply put, you can boost the wattage for a harder hit and lower it for a softer one.

Very few coils can withstand maximum power coming from the batteries, so this feature is important only for vapers who choose to build their own high-resistance coils.

Smart Mode

Smart Mode is becoming a standard feature in newer box mods. It lets you vape without the hassle of adjusting wattage to your coil resistance. Instead, this feature automatically sets the wattage limit for your coil to make sure that you get enough power but not too much that will burn your coil.

Smart Mode is perfect for novice vapers as they will get to use all the power of a box vape without the fuss of manually adjusting the wattage.

Final Words

Box mods are the perfect device for vapers who wish to personalize the vaping experience and love to tinker. Current vape mods have a huge range of features that cater to the needs of both experienced and not-so-experienced vapers.

However, one thing you should have in mind is to choose a system from a trusted source and reputable brands. This way, you can rest assured that you’re getting your money’s worth.


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