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Netflix’s K-Drama The Glory Season 2: All Set to Release in March 2023!

The Glory, Netflix’s latest K-Drama, has captivated audiences with its captivating storyline and outstanding performances. The series follows a former victim of school bullying who seeks vengeance by becoming a teacher at the bully’s child’s school.

Fans of K-drama, rejoice! Season 2 of Song Hye Kyo’s The Glory has finally been confirmed. Here’s a quick look at The Glory season 2 release date, cast, and a preview of what’s to come in part 2.

The show’s first season debuted on Netflix on December 30, 2021, and ended with some unanswered questions. Fans are now looking forward to the release of the next season. But when will The Glory season 2 be released? Let’s learn everything we can about The Glory’s second season.

When Will the Second Season of The Glory Be Released?

The Glory Season 2 Release Date

The second season of The Glory will come out on Netflix around the world on March 10, 2023. Part 2 of the K-drama about getting even will have a total of eight episodes. If season 2 of The Glory comes out the same way as season 1, people around the world will be able to watch all eight episodes at once instead of having to wait weeks for new ones.

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Preview and First Look at Season 2 of The Glory

Netflix has released the first look at The Glory 2, and as expected, it shows that the drama will only get more intense in part 2. In the first preview of The Glory part 2, Jeon Jae Joon is covered in blood and looks shocked.

In the first season, Moon Dong Eun did nothing but set the stage for Jae Joon’s punishment. So it looks like Jae Joon will have to pay for his mistakes in season 2, just like Park Yeon Jin. In another preview cut, Park Yeon Jin gets a phone call while she looks worried.

The Glory Season 2 Release Date

Yeon Jin’s stone-cold walls are falling apart fast, and viewers can’t wait to see how Dong Eun finally gets back at the school bully. Last but not least, more still cuts from part two show Joo Yeo Jeong and Ha Do Yeong playing Go and Kang Hyeon Nam hugging her hurt daughter.

What Can We Expect From The Glory Season 2?

It’s difficult to predict anything from those eight images right now. Moon Dong Eun is seen crying in the first image as she sees someone. The second image shows Joo Yeo Jeong staring intently at Dong Eun. The other shows Park Yeon Jin taking a serious phone call on her cellphone.

The following image depicts Jeon Jae Joon covered in blood in front of a police station. The final image shows Joo Yeo Jeong playing silent Go against Ha Do Yeong. There are a few more images that do not appear to be as intense. Director Ahn Gil-ho teased fans about the second season in an interview with South Korean news outlet News1.

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“Dong Eun and Yeon Jin’s conflict will officially begin, and the story of the criminals getting punished will be conveyed dynamically in a way that will keep your eyes glued to the screen,” said director Ahn Gil Ho of the series. “All loose ends will be tied.”

Who Will Appear in the Cast of The Glory Season 2?

The main cast of The Glory will return for part 2 again. The star cast includes:

  • Song Hye Kyo as Moon Dong Eun
  • Lee Do Hyun as Joo Yeo Jung
  • Im Ji Yeon as Park Yeon Jin
  • Yeom Hye Ran as Kang Hyun Nam
  • Park Sung Hoon as Jeon Jae Joon
  • Jung Sung il as Ha Do Young
  • Kim Hi Eo Ra as Lee Sa Ra
  • Cha Joo Young as Choi Hye Jeong


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