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Who is Lizzo Dating 2023? How Long They Have Been Together?

Melissa Viviane Jefferson (born April 27, 1988) is an American singer, rapper, and flutist better known as Lizzo. She was born in Detroit, Michigan, and relocated with her family to Houston, Texas when she was ten years old. She relocated to Minneapolis, Minnesota, after college, and began her recording career in hip-hop music.

Lizzo released two studio albums prior to signing with Nice Life Recording Company and Atlantic Records: Lizzobangers (2013) and Big Grrrl Small World (2014). (2015). Coconut Oil, Lizzo’s debut major-label EP, was released in 2016. So who exactly is this handsome man that Lizzo’s dating? Read more below to know everything.

Who is Lizzo Dating?

Myke Wright, who is an actor and comedian, is dating Lizzo. He has been on Adam Devine’s House Party and Laughs and has acted in How to Be a Grown-Up, Doubting Thomas, and the short film Tell Me What You Know About Cyrus.

Who is Lizzo Dating

Even though the couple “hard launched” the day before the Grammys, Myke has been to several events with his girlfriend, like the Watch Out for the Big Grrrls premiere and the 2022 MTV VMAs, but Lizzo went all out for the Grammys.

Lizzo and Myke have been linked together since 2021 when they were seen on a Valentine’s Day date in Los Angeles. The two have known each other for a long time. In 2016, Lizzo and Myke were both hosts on MTV’s Wonderland. They have been very supportive of each other and have even given each other sweet names.

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The Grammy winner, whose real name is Melissa Jefferson, told Audacy Check In’s host, “He calls me Melly.” “He has ideas.” In her song “2 Be Loved (Am I Ready),” she even talked about her nickname. In the second verse of the song, she sang, “He calls me Melly (ayy), he squeezes my belly (yeah), and I’m too embarrassed (ah) to say I like it.”

She also admitted that she has a private Instagram account where she posts “pictures of me and my man” on the Lie Detector Test with Vanity Fair, she sheepishly admitted that she has a private Instagram account where she posts “pictures of me and my man.”


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She was very excited about how long they had been together. “I know him for more than six years. He’s the best. We’re just in love. She told Vanity Fair, “And that’s it.” “People fight for monogamy as if it were something they prayed for every day. I’m not a polyamorous person, and I don’t love more than one person. I’m not like that. He’s the one I love the most. We’re soulmates.”

Who is Myke Wright?

Wright acts and makes people laugh. He has had small roles in shows like Breaking & Entering, How to Be a Grown-Up, and Doubting Thomas. In 2019, he was in the short film Tell Me What You Know About Cyrus.

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Before Lizzo Became Famous All Over the World, They Knew Each Other

In an interview with The Breakfast Club in July, Lizzo, whose real name is Melissa Jefferson, said that she and Wright have known each other before her 2019 album Cuz I Love You made her famous around the world. Wright was also one of the “real people” in her life, she said.

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