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Chris Russo Told About How Lamar Jackson Doesn’t Deserve a Guaranteed $230 Million Contract!


The talks to extend Lamar Jackson’s contract have been ongoing for a year. The Baltimore Ravens quarterback, who represents himself, and general manager Eric DeCosta are unable to reach a consensus. Jackson reportedly wants to be the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL and wants a contract with a full financial guarantee.

The Baltimore Ravens may elect to go that way with their quarterback as the franchise tag window for NFL teams opened Tuesday. Chris Russo stated on Wednesday’s “First Take” episode of ESPN that he wouldn’t pay the quarterback that much.

He claimed that factors to take into account include his postseason record as well as his ailments from the previous two seasons, which prevented him from even finishing the regular season. Said Russo:

Without a doubt! The last two seasons had been impossible for him to complete. I’m sorry, but he didn’t complete the previous two seasons. Two years ago, he was hurt. This previous year, he was harmed. He has one playoff victory. He has a poor quarterback rating going into playoff games in which he has played.

Russo went on to claim that he doesn’t think Jackson will be able to lead the Baltimore Ravens to a Super Bowl victory. He declared that he wouldn’t offer him the largest contract and that, instead, the franchise tag will unquestionably be applied for the upcoming season:

Chris Russo Told About How Lamar Jackson Doesn't Deserve a Guaranteed $230 Million Contract!

“He has played the position for 20 games, but I’m not sure he can win a Super Bowl. If you can accomplish that, I’m not sure. So yet, he hasn’t proven that he can accomplish it. I’m not going to pay him the most money of any quarterback in the NFL, despite the fact that this is what he will demand. So, if it were me, I would play franchise tag.”

The outcome of the contract discussions between the Baltimore Ravens and quarterback Lamar Jackson will be eagerly anticipated by NFL fans.

How Much Money Has Quarterback Lamar Jackson Declined?

It has been questioned how much money the 26-year-old quarterback wants in a contract extension as the controversy between Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens drags on.

The Ravens quarterback reportedly declined a five-year deal extension worth $230 million, with $133 million in guaranteed pay, according to ESPN.

The quarterback is interested in deals about $230 million, but there is no absolutely guaranteed money in this deal. The franchise tag salary for quarterbacks this season is $45 million, so if the Ravens choose to place it on him, he would receive that sum.

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