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Will Agatha Raisin Return for Fifth Season? Latest Updates and News


Young people are becoming more and more interested in comedy shows every day. And shows like Agatha Raisin that have a little bit of crime-solving in them make this craze even crazier.

So, here we’re going to talk about Agatha Raisin, which I’m sure you already know. This is a great choice if you like messy comedy dramas. It is one of the most-watched shows on British TV.

The show Agatha Raisin came out on December 26, 2014. It is based on a book by M.C. Beaton. So, right now, a lot of Agatha Raisin fans are wondering when the fifth season will come out. Let’s not waste any more time and get to the details below!

Will Agatha Raisin Have a Fifth Season?

As of February 2023, Acorn TV had not given Season Five of Agatha Raisin the official go-ahead. So, there is no set a date for when the next season will air. Still, this doesn’t mean that the show is being canceled.

Agatha Raisin Season 5

The show may be on a short break, and the much-anticipated new season hasn’t been announced or planned yet. But fans don’t need to worry because the show has a lot of fans all over the world, and we think Agatha Raisin will be back for another season.

When Will Agatha Raisin’s Fifth Season Be Released?

The last season of Agatha Raisin, which was the fourth season, started on December 21, 2021, and ended on February 20, 2022, so it’s been almost a year since the end of the fourth season.

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But now, you guys don’t need to worry, and I’m sure you don’t have to wait much longer for Agatha Raisin Season 5. Agatha Raisin’s fifth season will be out soon, which is good news.

As we’ve already said, the network hasn’t given the show the all-clear yet. So, no official date for the release has been given yet. But if we had to guess, the new season will probably come out by the end of 2023 or at the earliest time in 2024.

What is the Plot of Agatha Raisin Season 5?

Agatha Raisin is the story of a former public relations executive who now solves criminal puzzles in a little village in the United Kingdom. She wishes to live a quiet life in a village, but here comes the mystery; in the episode, you will discover how Agatha solves this murder mystery while being involved in a deadly occurrence.

Agatha Raisin Season 5

If we are discussing the topic of Season 5, we would like to inform you that there is currently no official information regarding the forthcoming story. But, if season 5 comes, we can only hope that it would bring you the next fresh narrative with the same plot. Or it could be a continuation of the tale that was depicted in Season 4.

Who Will Appear in the Cast of Agatha Raisin Season 5?

The cast members that are likely to return in the possible upcoming season of Agatha Raisin are:

  • Ashley Jensen in the role of Agatha Raisin Matt McQuey in the part of DC Bill Wong
  • Lucy Lyman will play the part of Sarah Blocksby
  • Jason Barnett in the role of DCI Wilkes
  • Jamie Glover will play James Lace
  • Matthew Horn will return as Roy Silver
  • Jason Merels as Sir Charles Freight
  • Katie Weeks will be back as Gemma Simpson
  • Marcia Warren in the role of Mrs. Boggle
  • Jody Tayak will portray Tony Gilmore
  • Rushan Stone will play Jazz Blocksby
  • June Watson will be back as Mrs. Judith Josephs
  • Daisy Beaumont plays the part of Mary Fortune

How Many Episodes Will There Be in Agatha Raisin Season 5?

Agatha Raisin’s last season had a total of 4 episodes. So, if the creators decide to keep things the same, the fifth season could also have 4 episodes. But there has not yet been an official update.

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Is There a Trailer for Agatha Raisin Season 5?

Right now, the official trailer of Agatha Raisin Season 5 is yet to be released. A first look or teaser is expected to be out in the next few months. Until then, you can check the trailer for Season 4 below:

Where Can You Watch This Show?

Well, we don’t know where the fifth season of the show will be released yet. But if you want to see all of Agatha Raisin’s old seasons, you can do so on Amazon Prime Videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Total Seasons Are There for Agatha Raisin?

So far, there have been 4 seasons.

How Many Episodes Does Agatha Raisin Have Altogether?

Over the course of its four seasons, there are twenty episodes.

Where Can I Watch Agatha Raisin?

Agatha Raisin is available on Amazon Prime Video.

When Did Agatha Raisin First Come Out?

It came out on December 26, 2014.

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