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Monster Musume Volume 17 Release Date: When Will it availabe in English?


Are you ready for more monster-girl craziness? With its seventeenth volume, OKAYADO’s Monster Musume, which has been a New York Times bestseller, is back! Join Kimihito Kurusu and his harem of strange and sexual animals as they face new challenges and go on new adventures every day.

Our poor hero and his monster friends never have a dull moment, whether they’re dealing with a jealous dragon, a mysterious slime girl, or a rampaging minotaur. The Japanese version of Monster Musume Volume 17 came out on May 25, 2021. Fans of the English version will have to wait a little longer.

Because of things that were out of our control, the release date has been moved to a further date. That will be in almost two years! But don’t worry, you can still pre-order your copy from a number of online stores and secure your place in the Monster Girl fandom.

In this article, we will discuss when will Monster Musume Volume 17 be released in English. Scroll down and read the full article.

Monster Musume Volume 17 Release Date: When Will it be Available in English?

The 17th volume of the manga series Monster Musume by OKAYADO is out now. It has chapters 69 through 72 of the story, which is about Kimihito Kurusu and how he lives with different monster girls as part of a cultural exchange program between different kinds of animals.

Monster Musume Volume 17

The book came out in Japan on May 25, 2021, but it won’t be available in English until August 29, 2023. You can order it ahead of time online from places like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Monster Musume Volume 16 Recap!

In this book, Kimihito and his monster girls go to the Sno Ball Hot Spring Resort, which is a place where couples from different species can relax and have fun. But they soon find out that the resort is having trouble because it is so popular and doesn’t have enough staff.

Yukio, who owns the resort and is a yuki-onna (snow woman), asks Kimihito to help her out as a temporary worker. He agrees but soon finds out that his job isn’t easy because he has to deal with horny monster girls and their human partners in many different situations.

Also at the resort, Miia, Papi, Centorea, Suu, Meroune, Rachnera, and Lala have their own adventures. They meet different kinds of monster girls, like an oni (ogre), a kunoichi (female ninja), a kitsune (fox spirit), a tanuki (raccoon dog), an Arachne (spider woman), and a yama-uba (mountain witch). They also find out more about Yukio’s past and why she decided to open the resort.

At the end of the book, Kimihito and his girls go to a hot spring to take a relaxing bath together. But Polt, the kobold who runs a sports club, shows up out of the blue and stops them. She asks them to come over to her place for some fun things to do.

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Monster Musume Volume 17 Spoilers

  • Kimihito and Miia go to a reptile park in Chapter 69. There, they meet Liz, a lamia who works as a tour guide. Liz likes Kimihito and tries to seduce him, but Miia stops her and challenges her to a duel. Kimihito will stay with the person who wins.

Monster Musume Volume 17

  • Centorea and some other centaurs work on a farm in Chapter 70. There, she meets Shianus, a handsome stallion. Shianus likes Centorea’s strength and skills, so he asks her to marry him. Centorea is torn between how she feels about Kimihito and how she should act as a centaur.
  • Papi and Suu go to an amusement park with Kimihito in Chapter 71. There, they meet Nega-Suu, a slime girl who has escaped from a research facility. Nega-Suu is aggressive and hostile, and it tries to take over Suu and Kimihito. Papi needs to be smart and brave to save them.
  • Meroune and Kimihito go to an aquarium in Chapter 72. There, they meet Mero, a mermaid princess who was Meroune’s best friend when she was young. Mero says that she is going to marry a human prince, but she doesn’t like the idea. She asks Meroune to help her get away from what’s going to happen.

Where Can I Read Monster Musume Volume 17?

You can read it for free online at, but this site might not have the official translation or the most recent changes.

The paperback version can be bought at,, and other online stores. On August 29, 2023, it will be out.

You can read it on Google Books4 or Goodreads5, but you may need to buy it first or wait for a preview.

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