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Jenna Ortega Once Turned Down Offers From “Wednesday” Because She “Wanted to Do Movies!


Jenna Ortega is brutally honest when she talks about “Wednesday,” she smash hit Netflix show that is only second to “Stranger Things 4” in terms of how many people have watched it.

Ortega told The Times U.K. in a recent interview that she didn’t really want to play Wednesday Addams. She even turned down more than one chance to play a role that would have been her big break.

Ortega said, “I got the email and forwarded it.” “I had watched so much TV over the years. I’ve always wanted to make movies… You have to show what you can do.

I’ve only been able to start going up for film roles in the last three or four years. I was afraid that joining another TV show would keep me from getting other jobs that I really wanted and cared about.

Jenna Ortega Once Turned Down Offers From “Wednesday”

“The only reason I went back was that Tim Burton, the director and executive producer of “Wednesday,” is such a legend and because we got along so well,” Ortega said. “But even then, I said a few more times, “Oh, no, I think I’m fine.”

Ortega had no idea that “Wednesday” would become so popular all over the world. She said, “I thought no one was going to watch.” “That it will be a nice little gem that someone finds.”

When the Times asked Ortega if it would be better if the show was a small gem and not a huge hit that everyone watched, he said, “Yeah.”

Ortega said, “When I was younger, I used to be in a Disney show.” “I was a bit of a public figure, people used to know who I was or whatever. I feel so out of place when I think back.

Jenna Ortega Once Turned Down Offers From "Wednesday

I didn’t know where I was, and when you start to see Hollywood for the first time, it can be scary or unsettling. I felt like a princess to everyone. I didn’t feel like myself at all. Then things started to slow down, and I lived a pretty normal life… I think until “Wednesday” or until now.”

Ortega said that she didn’t agree with a lot of Wednesday’s dialogue when she was on the “Armchair Expert” podcast earlier this month. She also said that she changed her lines on set without telling the show’s writers first.

Ortega said, “I don’t think I’ve ever had to stand up for myself more on a set than I did on ‘Wednesday.'” “Nothing Wednesday did, and nothing I had to play for her, made any sense for her character. Love triangle involving her?

It made no sense. There was a line about a dress she has to wear to a school dance, and she says, “Oh my god, I love it.” I can’t believe I actually said that. I really dislike myself.’ I had to go, ‘No.'”

Ortega went on to say, “There were times on that set when I almost stopped being professional and just started switching lines.”

The script supervisor thought I was going somewhere with something, so I had to meet with the writers and explain what happened. And I’d have to go explain why I couldn’t do certain things.”

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