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The Epic Finale is Upon Us: Star Trek Picard Episode 10 Release Date Announced!


Star Trek Picard Episode 10 Release Date: Episode 9 was the series’ second-to-last episode. It answered a lot of questions and raised some big new ones. Without giving away too much, it’s safe to say that the biggest threat wasn’t the Changelings, and Starfleet is still in a lot of danger.

Fans are worried about what will happen to their favorite Star Trek characters and starships in the last episode of Star Trek Picard’s third season. Do you want to know when Star Trek Picard Episode 10 will come out?

In this piece, we’ll talk about the latest news about the Star Trek Picard Episode 10 Release Date, including when it will come out, who will be in it, and what it will be about. So let’s get started!

Star Trek Picard Episode 10 Release Date!

The tenth episode of Star Trek: Picard’s third season will air on April 20, 2023, at 12 AM PT, 3 AM ET, and 8 AM GMT. In the US, you can watch it on Paramount Plus.

Star Trek Picard season 3 episode 10 will come out a day later in the UK on April 22, 2023. It will also be available on Amazon Prime video.

Star Trek Picard Episode 10 Release Date

The last episode of Star Trek: Picard’s third season will be shown for the first time on Paramount Plus in the US and Amazon Prime in the UK.

Star Trek Picard Episode 9 Recap!

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In Star Trek Picard Episode 9, Picard woke up in his old room on Enterprise-D. His former first officer William Riker (Jonathan Frakes) and counselor Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis) were there to meet him. They told him that they were on a mission to find out what was happening on the planet Vox, where an unknown force was attacking a Federation colony.

Picard quickly understood that something was wrong with this scenario because he had left Enterprise-D years ago and Vox was not a Federation colony. He also noticed that his team was acting strangely like they were affected by something. He thought this was another trick by Q (John de Lancie), so he met him on the bridge.

Q told Picard and his crew that he had indeed made this time anomaly as part of his ongoing test of humanity. He said that he wanted to see how they would respond to a situation that was similar to one they had been in before but with a twist.

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He also hinted that there was a link between Vox and the real danger that Picard was facing in his own timeline.

Picard chose to play Q’s game, so he told his crew to continue with the mission. When they got to Vox, they found that it was inhabited by a race of humanoid aliens that looked much like the Romulans. They also found out that the attackers were the Borg, who had come back after losing at Wolf 359 in some way.

Picard and his away team were beamed down to the planet’s surface, where they met T’Nara, the leader of the Voxians, who said she was a Federation friend.

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She said that her people had fled Romulus to get away from the supernova that had destroyed their planet. She said that they had moved to Vox, where they had found an old object with a powerful secret inside.

Picard knew that the artifact was a piece of the Iconian Gateway, which was an old technology that could open portals to anywhere in space and time. He realized that this was what Q meant when he said that Vox and his own timeline were linked. He also admitted that T’Nara wasn’t telling the truth about her plans and that she was actually working with the Borg.

Star Trek Picard Episode 10 Spoilers!

In the episode, Picard and Q will have a fight, and Q will explain what his trial was really about and what he thinks will happen to humanity. Q will also give Picard a choice that will affect him and his team in big ways.

Star Trek Picard Episode 10 Release Date

T’Nara and Locutus will bring an end to the war between the Federation and the Union of Romulans and Borg in this episode. Picard will have to find a way to stop them from using the Iconian Gateway to cause chaos and damage all over the galaxy.

In the episode, Picard will meet up with some of his old friends and enemies from Star Trek: The Next Generation, like Data (Brent Spiner), Worf (Michael Dorn), Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton), Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden), Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton), Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg), and others. They will help Picard finish his last task and say goodbye to him.


The last episode of Star Trek: Picard, Episode 10, will come out on April 20, 2023. In the episode, the main characters of the show will face their biggest problem to date as they try to stop Control from killing all living things in the galaxy. Stay tuned with Crossover99, to get all the latest updates.

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