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Is Ilovemakonnen Gay? Everything You Need to Know About His Sexuality!


 Is Ilovemakonnen Gay? Ilovemakonnen is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer. In 2014, his song “Tuesday” with Drake became a big hit and brought him a lot of attention. His style, voice, and attitude are all very special. But what about the fact that he is gay? Is Ilovemakonnen a gay man? We should find out.

Ilovemakonnen Quick Info!

Birth Name Makonnen Sheran
Date of Birth April 12, 1989
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, United States
Nationality American
Occupation Singer, Rapper, Songwriter
Genre Hip-Hop, R&B
Debut Single “Tuesday” (2014)

Who is Ilovemakonnen? 

Makonnen Kamali Sheran was born on April 12, 1989, in Los Angeles, California. He is now known as Ilovemakonnen. He was named after Emperor Haile Selassie I’s grandson who was an Ethiopian friend of his father’s.

His father was the first person in his family to move to the United States from Belize. He was an electrician, and his mother worked in the beauty business as a nail teacher.

Ilovemakonnen’s parents got split when he was 13. At that time, he and his family moved to Atlanta, Georgia. He went to high school there, but he stopped going after seeing a close friend die.

 Is Ilovemakonnen Gay

He started making music on his computer and posting it to MySpace, where he met other musicians like Adele, Lil B, and Soulja Boy. He also made a blog where he talked to artists and wrote about different things.

Ilovemakonnen started making music professionally in 2008 and has since put out several mixtapes and EPs on his own. Producers like Mike Will Made It, Metro Boomin, Sonny Digital, and 808 Mafia took notice of him and helped him develop his sound and style. He also worked with Gucci Mane, Migos, Rich the Kid, and Key!, among others.

In 2014, Ilovemakonnen’s hit song “Tuesday” was remade by Drake and went viral. The song reached number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 and got him a Grammy nod for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. He also got a record deal with Drake’s label OVO Sound and put out an EP with the same name.

Since then, Ilovemakonnen has put out more projects, like the Drink More Water series, Red Trap Dragon, Fun Summer Vol. 1, My Parade, Monster in the Woods, Everything is Trash, Summer 22, and more. He has also worked with Lil Peep, Lil Yachty, Rae Sremmurd, Santigold, Fall Out Boy, and a lot of other acts.

Is Ilovemakonnen Gay?

Ilovemakonnen is Gay. In January 2017, he came out to the public on Twitter, where he wrote:

As a fashion star, I can’t tell you what’s in other people’s closets. I can only tell you what’s in mine, and it’s about time I did. And since you guys love breaking news, I’ll tell you something old: I’m gay. Now that I’ve told you about my life, you can probably go live yours.

Later, in an interview with The Fader, he said that his friend Lil Peep’s death, who was also openly gay, made him decide to come out.

It has nothing to do with coming out. It’s to let people know that there are people like me. We’re not dead or on the verge of extinction or anything like that.

He also said that he had been in relationships with both men and women since he was 17. He said that he does not consider himself to be bisexual, but rather gay.

I’m gay, not bisexual. The only difference is that bi sounds better in rap songs. I’ve dated women before, but now it’s just not my thing.

He also talked about how hurt he was by racism and discrimination in the music business and in society as a whole.

Because I sometimes sing about being gay, people in the rap world think I’m gay. The gay world thinks I’m straight because they don’t know my background or something. And the straight world just doesn’t get me because they’re just fucking stupid.

He also said that he thinks his coming out will encourage other LGBTQ+ people to be themselves and live their truth.

I hope that by coming out, I will encourage someone else to be happy with who they are. And if you’re not ready to come out or if what you’re doing in your life right now is working for you, keep doing it until you’re ready to make that change for yourself.

Who is Ilovemakonnen Dating?

Ilovemakonnen hasn’t said in public yet if he has a girlfriend or not. He has kept his personal life private and hasn’t talked much on social media or in talks about who he’s dating.

 Is Ilovemakonnen Gay

But he has hinted in some of his songs and posts that he has a boyfriend or partner. In the song “All My Shit Is Stupid” with YoungBoy Never Broke Again, for instance, he raps:

I have a boyfriend, and he loves me a lot. He doesn’t care one bit about any of this. In June 2021, he also put a photo of himself with another guy on Instagram with the caption:

Happy Pride Month to all my gay and lesbian friends! I love each of you so much and am so proud of who you are. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are beautiful and wonderful. Stay safe and keep being lucky. Love forever, Makonnen.

But he didn’t say who the man in the picture was or what their relationship was like, so it’s not clear if he’s his boyfriend or just a friend.

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Ilovemakonnen’s Past Love Life!

Before he came out as gay, it was said that Ilovemakonnen had dated a few women. But he has never said anything about any of these reports. Here are some of the people he’s been linked to in the past:

Rihanna: Ilovemakonnen and Rihanna were seen partying together at a club in New York City in 2015. People thought they had a one-night stand. But neither of them said anything about the story, and no dependable source ever said it was true.

Miley Cyrus: After working together on a version of her song “23” in 2014, Ilovemakonnen and Miley Cyrus were said to have hooked up. But neither side ever said for sure, and it’s likely that this was just a business association.

India Love: Ilovemakonnen and India Love, a model and social media star, were said to have dated briefly in 2014 after they shared pictures of themselves together on Instagram. But neither person ever said for sure, and it’s likely that it was just a one-night stand.


Ilovemakonnen is a skilled and important rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer. His hit song “Tuesday” and his other projects have made him a name for himself. After his friend Lil Peep died in 2017, he told everyone he was gay. He has had to deal with homophobia and abuse in the music business and in society, but he has also encouraged other LGBTQ+ people to be themselves and live their truth. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more LGBTQ-related News and Updates.

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