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Is Weston Koury Gay? A Closer Look at His Sexual Identity – Gay or Straight?


Is Weston Koury Gay? Fans can’t help but wonder if Weston Koury is gay because he is so fun and has a lot of energy. People want to know the truth about Weston Koury and find out if he is gay or not.

Since he hasn’t been seen with anyone, the fact that he is single has led to stories and discussions about his sexuality. Fans are talking about how they think he is gay and can’t wait to see anything about his personal life that might put light on the subject.

Weston Koury Quick Info!

Name Weston Koury
Date of Birth January 7, 2002
Age 21 years old
Birthplace Greensboro, NC
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Occupation Instagram Star, YouTuber, Musician
Girlfriend Aisha Rae Ordonia
YouTube Channel Weston Koury

Who Is Weston Koury? 

Weston Koury is popular on social media, makes content, and has a lot of impact because of how fun and interesting he is online. Weston was born in North Carolina, USA, on January 7, 2002. Even when he was young, he loved making movies and getting to know the people who watched them.

Weston’s young charm, infectious energy, and real personality got people’s attention quickly on different social media sites.

Is Weston Koury Gay

He first became known on the interactive site YouNow, where his short funny skits and material that people could connect to got him a loyal following. Weston also joined YouTube and TikTok, where he kept his fans interested with vlogs, challenges, and collaborations.

Is Weston Koury Gay?

Weston Koury is not gay. People have been talking about whether or not he is gay, but the truth is much different. Even though there have been rumors and questions about his sexuality, the fact that he has dated shows that he is straight.

He has only been romantically involved with women, and his most recent girlfriend is the social media star, Aisha Rae. Even though people may still talk about it and question his sexuality, it’s safe to say that his choice is based on his relationships with women. It is clear from the links that he is not gay.
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Where Did the Rumors That Weston Koury Was Gay Come From?

Fans can’t help but make guesses about his sexuality because they want to know the truth and find out if he is gay or not. Before, because he didn’t seem to have a love partner, people made assumptions about his sexuality based on the fact that he was single.

Fans of the social media star are excited because they don’t know much about his love life. They are looking forward to any hints or glimpses into his personal life that might put light on this interesting topic.

As his fame grows, so do the stories about him, which makes everyone want to learn more. A YouTuber named James Charles once slept with Weston, which caused a lot of trouble.

Is Weston Koury Gay

James Charles, who was well-known for being a beauty teacher, was involved in a scandal that shook the YouTube community early in 2021.
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It all started when the shocking news came out that he had been writing inappropriate secret texts to several teenage boys since 2017.

In the late 2010s, these young boys said that James Charles sent them sexually explicit texts. There were a lot of bad things said about him on the internet.

People were surprised when a makeup artist texted a 15-year-old boy named Koury and asked him if he shaved his legs. It’s important to keep in mind that Charles was still young. At the time, he was 17 years old. Even more shocking is that this happened before Koury became popular as a Twitch streamer.
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James’s business took a big hit because of these hurtful claims. Charles finally came clean and said that he talked about sexual things with boys who were too young to be his friends.

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Weston Koury Past Relationship!

Weston Koury has a lot of friends because he is popular on social media. His love life is interesting, so his fans never know what will happen next. In 2016, he had a short relationship with Erin Marie Lakis, but it didn’t last. People said he was dating YouTuber and TikTok star Aisha Rae Ordonia in 2023.


Weston Koury is a content maker and social media star. He became well-known because of his boyish charm and interesting personality. With his funny skits and material that people could relate to, he got a lot of attention on sites like YouNow, YouTube, and TikTok. Even though there have been stories and guesses about Koury’s sexuality, it is clear from his dating past that he has only been close to women. His most recent girlfriend is Aisha Rae. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more LGBTQ-related News and Updates.

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